Top Ten Gift Ideas for Work Colleague

Everyone has a different taste, in gift giving, it is of essence that we understand their tastes and preferences. Here, we try and present to you some of the best gift ideas for your work colleague with different tastes and preferences.

1. Perpetual Calender

perpetual calendar Besides being crafted by hand, this calendar will never have to be thrown away! This wooden perpetual calendar made from the maple tree or cherrywood can come in various shades of tree colour like white, maple or red. This gift stands out from the rest of paper calendars by being an out of the ordinary wood calendar that is superbly crafted. You will also be conserving the environment because it is handmade from recycled materials. The aesthetic value of your colleague’s office will be greatly improved and your work colleague will feel so much at peace while working in there. Each and every day your colleague will take some small time to turn the calendar to the next day while awing at its beauty, while at the same time acknowledging the forward movement of time. Your colleague will never forget the date. Get this awesome present for your colleague and be the reason for an amazing eye-catching calendar in the office.

Features Description
Production method Handmade
Color Cherry, red, maple golden, white
Material Wood, Cherrywood, Maple, poplar
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2. Personalized Bobble Head

personalized bobble head gift

A personalized bobble head is one of the best goofy gifts you could get your colleague. Especially one that reveals his/her personality. Is your work colleague a gallant gentleman who always keeps his suits clean and neat? Get him miniature him, in a tuxedo! Does she love superheroes and always wishes to be one? Make her wish come true by customizing Wonder Woman with her head on top! Don’t limit your imagination, any character can be fully customized. All you need to do is send quality pictures of your colleague and the resulting bobble head will have striking resemblance to his/her face. During its making, you will be contacted frequently to show how the process is going and you will be able to observe if the bobble head actually looks like your colleague. You will even be able to make corrections. Four words describe the service offered; high quality and fast production. This is the best goofy gift you could get your colleague.

Features Description
Design Fully custom, you only need to upload the photo of him or her
Material Clay figurines

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3. Knight Pen holder

knight pen holder gift

Your colleague has shown great mentorship, leadership and diligence and what better way to honour him or her but by gifting them a knight holding their executive pens? In the ancient times, knights only served the noblest, high and mighty in the society and your colleague probably deserves nothing less. This gift also doubles as a sculpture of honour and respect to your colleague as the knight is always handing to them the pen. The knight will look splendid in your colleague’s desk as it is strong and sturdy. The material making the knight makes it look real taking you back to the medieval times. The detailing on the knight is so perfectly crafted it will drop your jaws when you see it in person. There will definitely be consistent compliments from other workers when they spot the gallant knight handing the pen to your colleague with so much grace. The pen that comes with the knight writes with utmost smoothness and is refillable! Who would not want this for a present!?

Features Description
Material Resin knight and metal pen
Pen included? Yes, a fancy black-inked pen with a refillable ink
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4. Fabric steamer

fabric steamer

If clean and well pressed clothes is what your colleague wears every time at work, then this is a perfect gift. Make his/her life easier by getting the Fabric Steamer as the birthday present. Any wrinkles and creases on your colleague’s clothes will be gone the second they make use of this awesome machine. Or is your work colleague caught in a scuffle before reaching work? No need to worry, the clothes will still be able to look spick and span just because you got this as a birthday gift. The device being best in the market will just take 90 seconds to heat up and produce steam and only 5 minutes to straighten a shirt that could have come out of a cow’s mouth. This steamer solves the problem that an iron box has, it is very light and won’t get too hot such that it burns your clothes. Being light, you can travel with this steamer anywhere! To keep him/her looking chic, this is the best gift.

Features Description
Superior components aluminum heating ball is superior to any of the heating elements
Mrinkle buster Heats up in 90 seconds and smooths and de-wrinkles any garment quickly and easily
Gentle on fabrics safe to use, and gentle on even the most delicate fabrics. Use it on satin, nylon blends, cotton, wool, linen, sequins, beads, embroidery, and more!
Technology leader steam channeling design delivers steam more powerfully and evenly to remove the toughest wrinkles
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5. Digital pen

digital pen gift

One of the best ways to express love for your sister on her birthday by writing it on a shirt and gifting it to her. Imagine her walking around in the shirt that says, ‘best big sister ever’! The digital printing on the T-shirt is professionally and creatively done making the shirt look chic and snazzy. You get to choose the colour of the shirt based on her preferences and also you get to custom design the heartfelt message by yourself. It is also of the best quality there is and would not fade off even after the shirt is washed. Nor will it shrink after the wash. She could wear it as many times as she wants and the shirt won’t look old and beat up after a few months. The fabric used is 100% cotton therefore is very comfortable, warm and soft when worn. This makes it suitable for everyday activity wearing.

Features Description
Software and Accessories Comes with Echo Desktop software for Mac or Windows (download), Starter Notebook (50 pages), 2 ink cartridges(one in the pen and one in the box) & 1 smartpen cap
Length 6.18 inches
Memory size 2GB
System requirements Mac OS X 10.8.5 and above. Windows System Requirements-Windows 7 or Windows 8 and above.
Other accessories Micro USB cable for charging and data transfer
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6. Temperature control coffee/tea mug

temperature control mug

Is your colleague a big coffee or tea fun? Do they every morning walk into work with abought cup of coffee? Do you want to save him money and give him the best gift ever? The Cauldryn Coffee Travel Mug is suitable for this caffeine lover for it will not only keep his coffee or tea warm, but it will also maintain it at a temperature that your work colleague so desires. Your colleague can also boil up some tea, coffee or even soup at the work place! Gone are the days when he will have to drink cold expensive coffee when he needs some. Besides heating different edible liquids, the temperature control coffee mug can also be used to cool any hot liquid that you enjoy as cold. This is probably the biggest advancement done to a cup! The coffee mug is also the best for travelling as it fits into any cup holder in your cars. It has a really chic and professional look so your colleague will feel really proud walking with it everywhere. And alas! The bottle is much lighter than even the normal coffee cups.

Features Description
All day temperature control Cauldryn's battery pack provides power for all day temperature control. You can even plug it in
Favourite temparature Cauldryn allows you to choose any temperature between room temp and boiling
Control the mug from phone The free Cauldryn app allows you to control your bottle from your phone
Easy to use controls With a simple arrow and LCD screen combo to set the temperature
Ready when you are With a rechargeable battery, plug in base, and DC/12V base (optional)
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7. Encouragement small sculpture

Encouragement small sculpture gift

Great words from a caring person always go a long way to make the day for anyone. A great birthday present would be to find an extraordinarily looking sculpture and encrypt encouraging words for your colleague. This personalized gift is perfect if you have heartfelt words you would love to share with your colleague and is customized to meet your specific needs in terms of style, font and number of words. The final design will be simple but elegant, classy and beautiful. The high quality glass material of the sculpture is strong and sturdy hence won’t break easily even if it falls. Though it is strong and sturdy, it has a light feel to it and your colleague can carry it anywhere your work colleague likes. The whole process of ordering and processing the engraving is smooth and easy and only takes a few days. Besides being beautiful and adding to the aesthetic value of an office, the gift has a professional feel to it hence qualifies to sit on your colleague’s desk.

Features Description
Personalized Personalize with your own text and recognize individual achievement
Material 5x7x3/8 inches curved light jade green colored glass with bevel
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8. Cubicle space heater

Cubicle space heater

If your work colleague always complains of the cold in the office (either due to the weather or air conditioner), what better gift to get your colleague than this portable remote control heater? Effective and consistent warmth is provided to the whole room without the fear of it overheating. (It has an inbuilt overheating protection system). Its tower like shape could even be mistaken for a beautiful sculpture in the office. Its strong and wide base provides enough stability and protects it from tipping over. Also, with this creative design, it is able to take up little space in the office but still warms up the whole place during cold weather. This is made possible by how it oscillates the heat waves to ensure efficient heat circulation. Its thermostat can be used to set the most suitable temperature that your colleague desires for his/her personalized comfort. Surprise your colleague with this amazing device and make this year’s birthday warm with happiness.

Features Description
Programmable thermostat The tower heater has two heat settings, 750W /1,500W, as well as a cooling fan function. You can select low, high and cool fan setting on the control panel, or just use the remote control!
Safety This tower heater is equipped with an overheat protection that switches off the heater automatically in case of overheat for added safety
Space saving design Its slim design takes up less space than traditional heater but still maintains high performance of offering relief from the cool weather
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9. Magnetic Levitation Globe

 Magnetic Levitation Globe

Most office workers are rated on how cool their desk looks like. Not really. However, if your colleague will be having an earth globe floating in mid-air on his/her desk, they will receive nothing but respect and admiration. Decorate his/her office desk by getting The Aukee Floating Globe with a world map on it for a present. The globe is lit by colourful LED lights that will catch everyone’s attention but if your colleague is a low-key person, the LED lights can be switched off when need be. Not only does the globe float but it also spins showing all the wonderful countries of the world! The best thing is the globe is meant to spin indefinitely! The glob makes the office look lively with its slow graceful spin and creates an amazing aesthetic view with the LED lights. Your colleague will invite a customer to the office and this present will be the best conversation starter in their dealings.

Features Description
Technology operated by an electronically controlled magnetic system
Low power consumption 2-5 Watts
Stability can work steadily for 24 hours*365 days
Operation Floating and rotating in midair, works steadily, comes with a LED light to make it look very cool when turned on in the dark.
Globe diameter 8.5cm/approx.3inch, C shape Magnetic base size (H*W):17.7*17.2cm (approx. 7*x6.8inch).
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10. The hour glass

hour glass gift

‘Old is gold’. This is probably the most interesting gift you could get your colleague. Instead of just getting him or her a normal boring wall clock, colour his desk with this magnificent sand glass that measure 60 minutes every flip. The hour glass will stand out among the many gadgets on his desk by shining with its green sand therefore creating an aesthetic, stylish and organized view. This beautiful gift will be of great help to your colleague in terms of planning his to do list. Your work colleague could use it to time activities in a calming and natural way. The hour glass can also be used as a form of exercise and therapy for your body if you work for long hours while sitting. If your colleague works for long hours while sitting, work colleague could get up, walk around and even stretch after all the sand runs out in one side. Everyone will enjoy staring at your colleague’s desk just to catch a glimpse of the magnificent hour glass you’re getting him.

Features Description
Sand color White/ Purple/ Red/ Pink/ Green/ Blue/ Brown/ Yellow
Time 60/30/15/10/5 Minutes (The error is about 10%)
Dimension 3.94*9.25"/3.15*7.87"/ 2.76*5.91"/ 2.17*5.5"/ 1.97*4.72" (width*height)
Material High transparent glass hourglass
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