Top Ten Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Sister

Are you stuck between a rock and Thanos’ chin trying to decide what to get this special him for his birthday? We have done all the work for you, here is the top ten gifts any man would desire on this special day.

1. Fit Bit Wrist Watch

fit bit watch

Your sister will love it if she walks around with a chic digital watch on her wrist that her brother got her for her birthday. What’s better is if the watch on her wrist is the best to keep track of her fitness life. Is she sporty and loves to jog? Was her new-year resolution to keep fit and achieve her fitness goals? The Fit Bit Charge 2 is the most amazing gift your sister could ever receive from you as a loving brother who shares and believes in her goals. Not only does the slim fit watch tell her the time and date, but she could also be able to see her calls and texts. Apart from this, the watch tracks her heartbeat during exercises and is able to keep track of where she is on her fitness journey. Also it is almost unnoticeable in her arms. So light it is that she could probably sleep with it still around her wrist comfortably. In addition to that, it will automatically track how long your sister gets comfortable sleep and will wake her up with a silent vibrating alarm. This is the best gift you could get you’re sporty fitness motivated sister who also loves to keep her time. Here is a summary of the features;

Features Description
Accessories Pure Pulse continuous, automatic wrist-based heart rate tracking to better measure calorie burn all day
Pouch Front side with a front pouch
Fitness score Personalized Cardio Fitness Score
Tracking Track all-day activity like steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes
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2. Floral Multicolour Diary

skinny tie for birthday gift

Get your sister the ultimate girl gift, a diary. If your sister loves writing and drawing, this is the best gift you could get her. The JunShop Multicolour Diary is an epic journaling book as it is not only floral and multi-coloured, it is also refillable – you can add more pages to it once it’s filled! This awesome gift also has a combination lock with her own password – no one gets to know her secrets. This code is very easy to change and the diary comes with pictured instructions on how to operate it. I believe getting her this will show how much you respect her privacy, and your sister no matter how old will develop confidence and trust in you. The diary is also perfect fit size and light perfect to be carried anywhere in any small bag. This is the perfect gift if it is the first time she is getting a diary. Here’s the summary of the features;

Features Description
Size 100% cotton
Size Approx. 18.5 x 13.5 cm (Length x width),80 sheets of paper (160 pages)
Privacy Password protected
Page design binder notebook, you can remove any pages or insert new pages
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3. Ear Cuffs

earrings for your sister's birthday

A girl’s birthday isn’t complete without any jewellery present. Be the sweet sibling and surprise her with these marvellous earrings that will blow her mind away. These silver earrings hoop up the ear catching the attention of everyone, and are comfortable to wear for everyday activities. But, they are best for special occasions like dinners, prom, dates, and homecoming. The earrings are beautiful, shiny and stand out from the normal typical earrings. Especially if your sister is one who is not down for dangling earrings, these will perfectly suit her. Or maybe does she have problems talking to a pesrson on the phone with other sets of earrings? Well, she won’t feel a thing when on the phone with these babies. They are the best and most comfortable. Apart from being comfortable, they’re easy to adjust. Being petite, they fit easily into ear holes. Here is more information on the snazzy earrings;

Features Description
Metal type S925 Sterling Silver
Stunning crystal AAA-quality cubic zirconia with meticulous cut
Style and occassion Suitable for a lot of daily wear, make you charmer and attractive in any occasions
Packaging comes with a presentation box
Wearing styles The earring has two types of wearing styles
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4. Retro handmade and personalized leather keychain

personalized key holder for your sister's birthday

How about letting your sister know how much you love her by getting her a really interesting personalized key holder that has a goofy animal hanging off of it? The Retro handmade leather keychain had a personalized tag plate where you could engrave heartfelt words for your sister to always read and cherish. The hanging giraffe design will make it standout from other key holders that are just plain. This key chain has a section mage from leather so it has a natural look on it. The best thing about this key holder is that it is handmade! So creatively made and beautiful it is that your sister wouldn’t dare lose it therefore you are certain the house key, locker key or any key he is holding would never get lost. This key holder is feather weight and you can actually pre-order a personalized one depending on which stuffed animal she likes. Here is a summary of the features;

Features Description
Size Ring 2.6cm. Feature Size: L13cm * W3.5cm, Net Weight: 38g
Material Brass In Pure, Manual Polishing Keychain Ring with Premium Leather woven Fabric Chain.
Highlight Vintage punk style design
Package Jewellery velvet storage bag
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5. Personalized tee

personalized tee for your sister's birthday

One of the best ways to express love for your sister on her birthday by writing it on a shirt and gifting it to her. Imagine her walking around in the shirt that says, ‘best big sister ever’! The digital printing on the T-shirt is professionally and creatively done making the shirt look chic and snazzy. You get to choose the colour of the shirt based on her preferences and also you get to custom design the heartfelt message by yourself. It is also of the best quality there is and would not fade off even after the shirt is washed. Nor will it shrink after the wash. Your sister could wear it as many times as she wants and the shirt won’t look old and beat up after a few months. The fabric used is 100% cotton therefore is very comfortable, warm and soft when worn. This makes it suitable for everyday activity wearing.

Features Description
Colors Available in all colors
Material Leather
Sole Crepe
Shaft Approximately 4.5" from arch
Platform measures approximately 0.25"
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6. Boots

Wedge boots

You know very well how much your sister loves her shoes. On her birthday, there is no better shoe gift to get her other than the wedge booties. With a professional miss independent look and also a chic casual portray, she will get tired of being stopped in the hallways and streets and getting lots of compliments. They will give her a good amount of height improving a lot on her confidence. The wedge boots, being dark blue in colour, will compliment any outfit she would like to wear with them. They are very comfortable and have a perfect fit if she orders her size so there is no need to worry about her walking in the boots all day. The heels on the boots are perfectly designed so won’t squeeze her toes. Your sister will get home and show you how her feet feel even much better! The thick leather skin that creatively crafted will not wear out in a lifetime. These boots have thick rubber soles both for her comfort and protection of the boots – the soles will hold up for a long while. Surprise your sister with these awesome wedge booties!

Features Description
1 synthetic
2 Shaft measures approximately 3.25 from arch
3 Platform measures approximately 0.25
4 Lightweight
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7. Makeup Kit

Make up kit

Is it time that you would like to introduce her into makeup as a big sister? Or is her other hobby sitting by the mirror and making herself look pretty? This assortment of gifts in one package is the best for her this year then! At an amazing price, you could get your sister an entire makeup set with different ranges of colours for lipstick, lip liners, lip gloss, lip balm, eyeliners, highlighters and many more. The concealer set, eyebrow kit, and sparkly eyeliner are the most fantastic. The best part is that they are all quality products – they look and smell amazing. They also moisturize and keep her face pretty for a long time. This would be the best surprise gift is it is her first time trying on makeup and you as the big sister can teach her everything she needs to know with this present. It literally contains everything she needs to know! Here is a summary of the gift;

Features Description
Products of 24 different products including Metallic, Matte, and Shimmer eyeliners, Liquid eyeliners, Lip liners, Liquid Concealers, and Luminous Finishing Powder
Color vibrance 12 hour
Line lips In vivacious matte colour with ease in a buttery smooth
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8. Personalized cushion

Three piece handbag

The best part about this gift is that your sister gets to lay her head on it every night and meditate upon the words that you have dedicated to her. This is the best gift to give her if you have heartfelt words to express. They will be engraved forever in her heart. If she is a fun of poems this is a perfect gift too. The personalized cushions also come in a flowery form that will bring colour to her room. They have a hidden zipper so will look creatively crafted really add aesthetic value to her room. The cushion is soft and comfortable as it is made from 100% cotton. It will warm her in cold nights and at the same time give her neck the comfort it requires while sleeping. Gift her this and tell her to say goodbye to waking up with a sore neck. The cushion pillows could be scented to fill her room with sweet smelling flowery scents. They are also long lasting and even after washing won’t get destroyed. Here is a summary of the features;

Features Description
Material supreme cotton velvet, these decorative pillow covers is antibacterial, breathable, Lint-free, comfortable and durable
Size Cover measures 18" x 18" / 45cm x 45cm
Unique design whose colour matching invisible zipper allows easy insertion and removal of pillow inserts, which make your pillow neat and tidy
Purposes stylish comfort on sofa, bench, or living room, coffee shop, car
Gift ready convenient zippered bag, which makes it a wonderful home decoration or just a gift giving
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9. Perfume

Cool Water By Davidoff Perfume

This is a key gift that shouldn’t miss in a girl’s birthday. Be the one to make her day by getting the Amazon’s choice fragrance Davidoff Women Deodorant spray. It smells sooo good! The bottle is big and will definitely last for a long while. The spray gives a really fresh and light scent which will neither overwhelm you nor those around you by being too strong. It is a long lasting deodorant for a ladies perfume and she won’t have to be bothered all the time to reapply the deodorant. The fresh nature like scent also is different from the rest and will definitely stand out when your sister is in a room with other people. The scent gives a feeling of maturity and will spread an aura of confidence all over your sister. The perfume comes in an awesome box that will double up as the gift box and the bottle will look so amazing in her cabinet!

Features Description
Topnotes jasmine sambac, cedar, labdanum, aquatic green accord, peony, brown sugar accord, mint leaves, pink pepper, limone primo fiore
Occassion for casual use
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10. Blanket Tartan Scarf Wrap

tartan scarf

No matter how cold it is, if your neck is warm, you will be definitely warm. If you are looking to accessorize her outfits and at the same time protect her from cold, this scarf is the best gift to give your sister. Your sister will be able to go out and dress amazingly in cold weather! The Tartan Scarf is really warm and will be of great help to your sister when she encounters cold weather. The scarf is really easy to handle and she can manipulate it into any cool shape, size and design she wants. The bright and beautiful colours are the best part of the scarf as they will match with your sister’s personality and beauty. It compliments any of her clothing so is even fit to wear every day! It also has a really soft fabric and will feel comfy and good around her neck when she wraps it round. This will probably be her best birthday present this year! Here is a summary of the features;

Features Description
Material Cashmere-like Acrylic, extremely soft
Scarf Shawl Size 57 inch *57 inch,Measurements taken while laying flat and relaxed
Color Multicolour plaid modelling, more fashionable
Occasion Winter, casuals, home
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11. Michael Kors Ladies' Watch

Michael Kors ladie watch

Classy, sassy, chic, bold and elegant is a perfect gift to compliment your sister's looks for almost all occasions, casuals or official as the watch has both casual and official looks. Michael Kors is one of the best brands and has been associated with high profile persons such as Mitchell Obama, Melania Trump, Angelina Jolie and Hillary Clinton. This is the class that any caring sibling or friend may want to put their sister or 'sister' friend in. Few things stand put in this MK watch, first, the calibre of the watch is 'quartz movement'. Watch movement can be classified into two based on their movement, that is, quartz movement and mechanical movement. Watches with Quart movement, most common, move with individual ticks, second by second and is powered by a battery. The watch as a crystal known as Quartz, which when powered by battery, vibrates rhythmically to drive a series of small gears attached to the hour, minute and second hand of the watch. On the other hand watches with mechanical movement move in sweeping motion and the mechanical movement is realized by a coiled spring. Based on their design and functionality, Quartz watches are more accurate, easy to maintain and do not require rewinding of the spring, as in mechanical watches. Mechanical versus Quartz Movement Quartz movement vs mechical watch movement
There is no better look for casual or business look than a gold-tone steel bracelet watch with baton hour markers for easy readability. In addition, the watch has a mineral dial or "view" window, which is crystal clear and resistant to scratches. To wrap up the deal, the watch is water resistant upto 50m deep, but hey, this does not mean that you can swim with it for long hours. Water resistance for these kind of watches only helps when it accidentally falls into water or it gets rained on. Here is the summary of the features of this gift:

Features Description
Material Stainless steel fold
Case Size 42mm with mineral window
Color Rose gold-tone color
Occasion Casual and business
Safety Double push-button and water resistant
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