Top Ten Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Brother

Are you stuck between a rock and Thanos’ chin trying to decide what to get this special him for his birthday? We have done all the work for you, here is the top ten gifts any man would desire on this special day.

1. Personalized Hoody

personalized hoodie for birthday

Apart from hoodies actually keeping your brother from catching a cold, they can also be the best gift once personalized and written something like ‘Best Brother Ever!’ Add your own text and personalize this hoody to surprise him on his birthday. You could christen it with his nickname, favourite, superhero or even his just his own supercool name. In fact, you could even put in a logo or a pic of him on the backside. It comes also with your choice of colour hence you could choose on his favourite colour. Your brother will never forget this gift. The quality of printing is the best and doesn’t just look like some ironed on paint. Besides all these, the hoody is thick, warm and comfortable best to be worn during cold times. The best part is, depending on the size you get, it fits perfectly and doesn’t sag or look baggy in any way. Here’s a summary of the features;

Features Description
Material Cotton and polyester
Design Front side with a front pouch
Sizes S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X
Printing Digitally printed with Kornit DTG printers
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2. Tie

skinny tie for birthday gift

Is your brother a fan of ties? Step out of the norm and get him this chic looking bright tie. Its magnificent looks is best to compliment any suit colour and will cause him to stand out. This skinny tie, apart from complimenting his black suits, will probably also go well with his date’s dress on that special occasion. This is the best gift if he has a special occasion coming up because of its beautiful array of colour. It will catch everyone’s attention. The artistry and creativity is very evident in this tie, and it is perfectly worn in bright sunny spring days. This probably the only coolest floral wear that your brother will ever wear. The quality of the fabric is very amazing and once you feel it with your hands, it will be totally worth the price. Your brother will be showered with compliments everywhere your brother goes because of this amazing birthday gift you’ll get him. Here’s a summary of all the features;

Features Description
Material 100% cotton
Size 58" Long, 2.5" Wide at the tip
Occasions Weddings, Dances, Missionaries
Care Dry clean only
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3. Outjoy Anti-theft laptop backpack

antitheft bag

Want him to realize how much you care about his professional or academic life as a sibling? Get him a backpack for his birthday! And not just any backpack, one that is secure, of good quality, slim and light and even has a charging port in it! The pockets and zippers on the outside are hidden from view so your brother doesn’t have to worry about pick pockets. With its entrance a secret the backpack could also be termed an anti-theft bag. The bag is made from soft fabric hence is very comfortable to wear. With its well organized pockets in the inside, the bag evenly distributes weight so he comfort and lightweight will follow him even when carrying heavy loads. His laptop will be securely held inside the bag since the bag has a great padding for it. The outside material is also made to be water resistant so no need to worry about rain or spilled water getting in. surprise with this versatile bag pack that also has a suction cup phone holder and sunglasses loop. Here is a summary of the features;

Features Description
Charging port Yes, Simply Power on External USB port by connecting your own power bank
Design Concealed, secure and waterproof
Compartments two separate shockproof compartments fitting 15.6 inch laptops and 10.1 inch tablets
Other features Padded shoulder straps
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4. Bose Quiet Comfort Noise cancelling headphones

noise cancelling headphones

What a better way to celebrate a birthday than to be gifted with the best headphones ever manufactured? You know his passion for music so make his day by gifting him with the Bose Quiet Comfort. Not only are they wireless headphones for his convenience, but they have a built in Alexa voice control. I mean your brother can raise the volume of the headphones just by using his voice. The headphones are designed perfectly for their use so offer maximum comfort while he wears them. Therefore no headache for him after he uses them. All background noise and disturbances are cancelled making it the best for phone calls, voice and music recording and even for your brother to enjoy his music peacefully. Your bro will not be easily distracted by any noise or commission going on around him while he works or relaxes. The Bose headphones work well with and will even enhance the performance of his phone. Here is a summary of the feature;

Features Description
Microphone system Noise-rejecting dual-microphone system for clear phone calls and voice activation, which now includes Amazon Alexa
Access Alexa-enabled for voice access to music, information and more
Battery Up to 20 hours of wireless play time from a rechargeable lithium-ion battery; up to 40 hours of listening in wired mode
Audio performance Balanced audio performance at any volume
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5. Clarks Men's Bushacre 2 Chukka Boot

suede shoes

Want to bring out the manliness and professionalism in him? Or do you want to teach him about what being a gentleman is all about? The best gift then to give your brother on his birthday is business casual dressing up shoes. These Bushacre 2 Chukka Boots dress shoes double up also to be official and casual therefore will suit any occasion that your brother wants to grace. Therefore they are the best shoes to bring him out as an organized and responsible gentleman whether your brother is going for a dinner date or a business meeting. With these suede shoes, he will get stopped in the streets and be complimented all the time. There are a variety of colours to choose from depending on your brother’s taste. On top of their great looks and all, these shoes are very comfortable so no sores for your brother if he decides to wear them the whole day. Also they will be absolutely perfect fit for him when he tries them on. The shoe comes in an amazing box which becomes the best gift box for the birthday. No need to hustle looking for wrappings! Here is a summary of the feature;

Features Description
Colors Available in all colors
Material Leather
Sole Crepe
Shaft Approximately 4.5" from arch
Platform measures approximately 0.25"
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6. Adjustable Hat

Women's sneakers

You know those gifts that you just see and settle immediately that it is the best gift for your brother? This is one of them. If your brother is a hat fun or a guy who loves casual wear, this is the best gift you could get him this year. A study showed that gentlemen who wear exquisite hats are found to be more attractive. Not only will this blue Fedora hat bring your brother as a magnificent looking guy (giving him the Johnny Depp look) it will also provide a cover for him in the hot summer sun. The hat covers the neck and face therefore protecting from sunburns. At the same time, it compliments his great outfits and goes well with almost any colour outfit. This classical hat also helps in absorbing any sweat that he may have on a hot humid day. Here are more features,

Features Description
Material 100% cotton twill
Size Adjustable strap closure - one size fits all
Embroidery High quality raised embroidered team logo on front
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7. Personalized Photo Frame

Personalized Picture Frame

How about get a goofy picture of him and frame it for his birthday gift? What’s better is you can write your own words for him to always read on the frame. ‘To the best Brother ever!” This could appear on a frame next to his bed forever and your brother will always cherish you. The frame is self-sitting so any flat surface can hold it. The words engraved will be exactly as you want them to be and will be done so in a creative style ensuring attractiveness. There is also artwork that could be curved in the frame and is really cool. The quality of the frame is the best. Being wooden and physically crafted (beautifully and sturdily crafted), it feels like he will be interacting with nature when it will be in his room. There is a variety of tree colour to choose from and also at your request, any additional font and stain colour are present. Surprise him this birthday with this lovely gift!

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8. Twisted Cardigan Sweater

Three piece handbag

I bet your brother will really appreciate a smart cardigan that brother could wear on both casual and official occasions. The Twisted Cardigan Sweater is a perfect present not only for the sweater weather but also for a smart handsome look. It is heavy enough not to be too warm during mild weather but to protect from cold during extreme conditions. Many smart looking dress up sweaters don’t usually keep warm but this one will surprise your brother. The cardigan has a perfect fit no matter what size. Even though it looks like it is cut out only for the slim, bigger guys have nothing to worry about. This is the cardigan that fits the bill an also is fit for the size. The very comfortable and cosy sweater will keep his neck and shoulder relaxed and cushioned hence they won’t stiffen if he sits down for a long time. The button down style gives it a classic gentleman look and the colour makes it compliment any type of clothing. Here is a summary of the awesome features;

Features Description
Material 100% acrylic fiber
Closure Button closure
Design Cable knit detail on front with buttons, repeat twisted cables for a heritage look
Wash Dry clean only
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9. Cologne for Men

Calvin Klein Cologne

Calvin Klein obsession for Men perfume comes in a classic professional looking bottle that will envy any of his friends who spot it. It will look so amazing in his closet! The cologne has a unique fragrance that is fresh and nature like making him stand out with in smelling nice. The perfume is Calvin Klein OBSESSION for Men. It contains high concentration of cologne base therefore it lasts longer and smells more intense. Even with this intense smell, it is designed to have a balance that it won’t overwhelm you or other people with a strong irritating smell. Your brother may even forget that he had put on the perfume but he will be reminded by myriad of compliments of how good he smells. With its concentration, he will only need to apply a little bit therefore he is sure it will last for long. This Valentino perfume will build a personal identity on him and he will begin creating an awesome brand around people.

Features Description
Topnotes mandarin, bergamot Midnotes – lavender, myrrh, spices Basenotes – musk, sandalwood, patchouli
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10. Columbia Men’s RFID Wallet

microwavable boots

The wallet describes how a guy is organized and speaks volumes not only of his monetary value but also shows if your brother is responsible. This is the best birthday gift if you want to build you brother’s confidence and professionalism. The Columbia Men’s RFID Wallet has an abundance of card slots and also extra pocket where he could even place a key for safe keeping. The card slots are well organized and designed creatively so that they don’t bulge in his pockets even when it is full. Contains a lot but still thin and flat, what more could he ask for? The wallet is of good quality – made of leather and feels soft and comfortable in your pocket therefore will last a lifetime. The RFID technology helps in deactivating all his credit cards if the wallet is stolen. Also it can be tracked and be found with the help of the technology. Your brother’s money and cards are safe! Here is a summary of the features;

Features Description
Material 75% Other Fibers, 25% Leather
Closure No closure
Wash Hand wash
Design Bifold wallet with internal ID flap featuring layered front with overlapping tonal stitches and stamped logo
Gift box Includes a gift box which can be used as a walet tray
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