Top Ten Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Are you stuck between a rock and Thanos’ chin trying to decide what to get this special him for his birthday? We have done all the work for you, here is the top ten gifts any man would desire on this special day.

1. Stainless Steel Black Classic Luxury Casual Watch

wrist watch best gift

Juggling both traits of being a classical dress watch and a sport watch this waterproof chronograph wrist watch is the one of the best gifts to bring out fashion in him, especially on his birthday. Being made of stainless steel both casing and strap) you neither have to worry about its durability and any liquid (milk, water, cocktail) getting on it. Still not sure you should get this for him on this day, try reading through these reasons and let your search for a such a suitable gift come to a halt;

Features Description
Material Full stainless steel band and case
Functions All small dial work, chronograph, minutes or seconds, stopwatch, auto calendar and date display (luminous)
Water resistance water resistant to 30 meters (99 feet), in general, withstands splashes or brief immersion in water, but not suitable for swimming or bathing
Giftbox Yes
Service 24-month warranty and 30 days 100% money back full refund guarantee for Amazon purchases
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2. Business-Casual Leather Shoes

Samuel windsor leather shoes best gift

Your boyfriend already has a classy watch, ok. Here is something to compliment the watch, these semi-official handmade slip-on loafer leather shoes that are suitable for both business and pleasure. These comfortable classy shoes will definitely lead to productivity of your man coupled with the chic look. The white colour makes it easy to wear with any pair of summer business pants and light official wear. Its flexible leather sole and soft leather interior and upper side allow the foot to move and breathe, preventing corns and calluses. Besides, its flat sole allows for even weight distribution, eliminating the discomfort high-heel shoes cause their wearer by distributing body weight to the front part of the foot. For these reasons, the handmade slip-on loafer leather shoes makes its way to the list of top ten gifts for him on his birthday. Still not convinced? Check out these features;

Features Description
Outer material Leather/Suede
Sole Leather
Closure Slip-on
Heel type Flat
Coupon Free shoe horn
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3. HomeLabels Terry Bathrobe

Top Bathrobe

Tired of him dropping water everywhere after showers? Your boyfriend need something to help him relax in the evenings that’s not his tight pyjamas. Why not get him a bath robe? Infact, make his day by getting two matching bath robes (yours and his) so that the lovely couple can twin in the spa, swimming pool, after showers while spending quality time together. The HomeLabels Terry Bathrobe come as a one size fits all with a belt. It’s thick white colour will provide the ambience needed during the quality time with him. It’s 100% cotton fabric provides the needed cushion he requires after a long day or a long week. The calf-length cotton bath robes are the best to relax in during cold autumn and winter days for the warmth they provide. They do have pockets and to personalize it more, you could sew into the robe. Here are more features;

Features Description
Material 100% cotton, soft and highly absorbent
Design Unisex
Quality Hemmed at the edges and has a shawl collar
Other features two patch pockets, belt and folding sleeves
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4. The Essense Cologne

Best Cologne

Is your boyfriend a football fan? Here is a special one for football lovers. I bet he would love to not only “bend it like Beckham” but also smell like Beckam. Fragrance is a key player in the class of your man and it will not only build his style and ego, fragrance will also ensure other people remember him well. If your boyfriend hasn’t been using cologne this is the best to start with. It will bring out his strong masculinity just as the man Beckham is. You will feel really proud to walk by his side because of the fruity scented. Still need to know why you should get him this;

Features Description
Base Patchouli, cashmere wood, and Tonka gives it a strong, woodsy smell, grapefruit & lavender
Strength Subtle but strong
Variety from Stetson, Detroit Barber, Solid Cologne, Versace, Nautica, Pheromone Cologne, Dolce and Gabanna, Gucci, Yacht Man, Azzaro, Sauvage, Christian Dior, Lucky You, Giorgio Armani, or Adam Levine
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5. Char-Broil 360 Meat Grill

Meat Grill

Your boyfriend is an outdoor activity man. He loves meat. The manliest gift you could give him to bring out his culinary skills in the male sector is the Char-Broil Classic 360 3 – Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill. It not only has thick and heavy sides and a heavy lid to aid in retaining heat, it could also come with side burners. Also, the electronic ignition it has is suitable to help in quick starting of the burner. With its fuel gauge, he will be able to monitor the level and usage of propane. The design of the grill ensures even heat distribution therefore you can be assured there wont be wastage of fuel. The grill is very safe hence can be used in all outdoor activities. You won’t have the flames flaring dangerously. here is more information about the grill;

Features Description
Cooking space 360 inches, porcelain-coated grates
Warming space 170 square inch, porcelain-coated
Burners Three stainless steel
Shelves Metal side, 12"X13"
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6. Office Gadget Gift Lamp

Table Lamp

Is your boyfriend a gadget lover, designer or a student? This is the best gift for him! The Joly Joy LED Desk lamp first has to be assembled providing an adventure for your man. The lamp is ideal for the room aesthetics as it will compliment your walls and give a cool feeling to the room. Apart from satisfying as a birthday gift, it also doubles up as an elegant décor. The stylish design is important for ambience as he is doing his stuff. This helps in getting into the designing or the reading mood. The lamp is mage of plastic so is lightweight and easy to move around. It has an LED light source that is dimmable therefore capable of adjusting to desired lighting. The lamp has a 50000-hour lifetime. Summary of the features are;

Features Description
Memory functions 10-minute and 40-minute timer, Eyes protection and high index
Color temparature and brightness 6 color temperature and 4 Brightness Levels. Color temperature from 3000k to 5500k (3000k, 3500k, 4000k, 4500k, 5000k, 5500k) and brightness Levels from 10% to 100%
Lamp lifetime 50,000 hours
Adjustible? Yes, 330° rotation adjustment, Adjust 90° up and down and adjust the bulb by rotating 360°
Warranty 12-month warranty for the read light
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7. Executive Wallet


A wallet speaks volumes of who your man is. It literally contains his identity but also shows his worth and professionalism. Is your boyfriend messy or organized? Therefore, getting him the Bryker Hyde Executive Bifold Wallet for his birthday is bringing more organization and class into his life. The slimmer a wallet is the less weighty the better. Even with all of it’s myriad number of slots filled (if you manage to) the wallet will be unexpectedly feather weight. Its surface boast of quality material added to not being bulky at all. Made of leather, your man will feel as if your boyfriend is being cuddled in his pockets. Soft, comfy and warmth is all it feels like. What of the ID window? No need to slide your identification card in and out but rather just keep it in the wallet and show it off! Using a unique blend of composite metals, the Hyde Executive Bifold Wallet wallet block 125KHz, 10MHz to 3000 MHz signals including 13.56 MHz which is what credit cards use. Digital thieves will be firewalled from accessing his personal information and he can have peace of mind. Wherever your boyfriend goes, he will be able to store currency bills and cards and be shielded against unwarranted RFID NFC and BLE scans. Don’t worry, Bryker Hyde has got you covered, find out more below;

Features Description
ID Windows 2
Material Leather, thoroughly stitched
Security RFID blocking technology
Warranty 100% Money Back guarantee and Quality guarantee you must purchase from Avendale Mall
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8. Wet and dry electric shaver

Wet and Dry Electric Shaver

Clean shaven men are the chicest looking. Get your man the SweetLF 3D Wet and Dry Rotary Shaver and boost his ego. Smooth cutting is always the want for all men while shaving. This innovative device has three spinning heads that masterfully and skilfully clear and thick moustache, goatee or beard off his face. This master shaver is very easy to clean considering it is waterproof and makes such limited noise you could wonder if it is on with just its low humming sound! The shaver also has its own pop-up trimmer suitable for a smooth finish. Don’t let him struggle with sharp blades cutting him all the time after shaving. Don’t let him go to work with a band-aid on his chin. Have I mentioned that it is rechargeable through a USB cable, meaning that your boyfriend can travel with it anywhere and get to enjoy its use since with just one charge it can be used up to 8 days! Check a summary of the features;

Features Description
Power capacity 120 minutes of shaving
Shaving mechanism 4 direction floating head, 3D rotary shaver
Trimmer Yes, one touch open, skin friendly
Motor High speed, quite
Waterproof? IPX7 body is waterproof, easily adapts to either shaving foam or gel
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9. Customized Pillow Case

customized pillow case

Express your love by encrypting heartfelt words it on his pillow casing. Design your own pillow casing by choosing the font, colour of casing and even colour of embroidery thread. This gift would forever be in his mind because it is literally where he lays his head. Find out ten reasons why you love him and creatively design a writing to be encrypted on the pillow casing and wallah! His birthday present will be delivered. The fabric is also made from 100% cotton making it cosy and warm while your boyfriend sleeps. If requested, scent emitting cases can be delivered to give him a good ambience while he sleeps. The pillows are also perfectly designed to provide the neck and head with best support. Your boyfriend will never complain of sore neck or back in the morning. The colour of your choice will also help in adding style to your bedroom. The pillows are delivered in good amount of time and a can be wrapped as a gift upon request.

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