Top Ten Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Son

Are you stuck between a rock and Thanos’ chin trying to decide what to get this special him for his birthday? We have done all the work for you, here is the top ten gifts any man would desire on this special day.

1. Foosball Table

foosball table

Take your son's recreational activities to a whole new level by getting him this popular gaming table. The tabletop football will be healthy for your video game sons as they will transfer all the excitement of playing virtual football to the physical activity of playing it without going to the actual field! Exercise is good for the body. The ESPN Arcade Foosball table is the ideal gift for your soccer loving son. It is specially designed to meet all his soccer fantasies and robustly built to withstand any strong and rapid movements. The players and rods are also very sturdy and of very good quality. Your son will have many friends coming over just to get a taste of the magnificent foosball. Apart from aiding in providing exercise and entertainment for your son, the table greatly improves the aesthetic view of the room it is placed in. What a wonderful gift for the most wonderful time of the year!

Cool design
Complete set with all the suppliers
Premium quality ball bearings
Flawless rod for a smooth play
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2. Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speakers

alarm clock speakers

What’s better than a Bluetooth speaker? A color changing Bluetooth speaker that is touch control and has an alarm clock. This versatile speaker also has a dimmable light that can be adjusted to suit your son’s light preferences. Besides the 48 changing LED color lights produced by the speaker, it also produces classical white design light as the soft lamp light that will usher your son directly to sleep. Your son will just tap on it and it will illuminate! The Bluetooth is compatible with all devices and connects with the devices super easily. Besides Bluetooth, the speaker is able to be connected with your son’s device using a cable. Has a large rechargeable 4400mAh battery hence you’re sure it will serve your son well for long hours. Not forgetting the fact that it is a speaker, the sound it produces is of really good quality. The speaker is of amazing use especially during parties and gatherings in the house where it will add to the beauty of the place and obviously entertain the guests.

Play music via bluetooth
Touch sensitive
High capacity battery, 4400mAh
Digital clock
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3. Laser Tag Blaster

laser tag blaster

No matter how old your son is, this is one gift that will make him very excited. Again, another fun way to include exercise in your son’s daily schedule. Make him popular among your son's friends by getting him this amazing gift which your son could play with over 4 people! With a mind blowing 150ft shooting range, voice guided directions, invisibility mode and night vision googles, this is the best gift ever. Your son and his friends will be able to change the sounds which the guns make when they shoot each other around. The package comes with color coded vests so that different teams could be formed. What makes it more interesting is that the toy guns come with an included flashlight hence can be used even in the night! The guns and vests light up at night making it look even more amazing. The vests fit anyone perfectly. If dad wants some good time with sons, this is one of the best ideas that doubles up also as a gift. What an amazing present!

Multiplayer, multi-ammo, upto 4 players
150 ft shooting range with real target vests
Supports nightvision mode, invisible mode and voice guided directions
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4. Night Illusion Lamp

3D Illusion Table Lamp

What can beat an LED 3D illusion night light as a bed side lamp? This colorful lamp lights up with 7 different colors that will not only add a beautifying look to your son’s room but will also help him with his sleep. It is a nursing night light that helps kids fall asleep. Apart from being the light at night during his sleep, the illusion lamp could also be used to decorate rooms during his birthday or other important events. The colors rotate and change frequently but your son can select on specific one that your son likes. Though it is a 2D frame, it has a surprising 3D effect that will definitely impress your son. You can choose from various objects which it can display, from tractors, to saxophones or even cats depending on your son’s interests. The lamp comes in an amazing gift box so no need to even look for box packaging elsewhere.

Has 7 light colors: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, pink, white
3D optical effect
Energy saving, 0.5W
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5. Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual reality headset

Imagine if your spectacles were a walking movie theatre. Where what you are seeing through them is 3D with magnificent sound all around you. Imagine no more and get your son the Oculus Standalone Virtual Reality Headset! Your son will need no PC or phone but will still enjoy his favorite movies and shows through the virtual reality headsets! These headsets are very comfortable around your head. So much comfortable that your son could sleep with them on and not even notice. And especially if your son wears glasses, the feeling of the headsets around his eyes will be heaven for him. Even if your son pauses using them for a while, the glasses will start showing from where your son left off. They do remember! This is very helpful especially when your son is travelling as your son could be distracted from watching his shows. The headsets have an inbuilt 3D audio of a movie theatre which is superb. His whole environment will be made alive by the sounds from the headsets. What more do you need from a pair of headsets?

Easy intuitive control
Built in audio
Portable and easy to use
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6. Mini Arcade Game

Mini Arcade Game

Take him back to the old times by gifting him a mini arcade machine so that your son could also taste what you experienced before the era of video games and play stations showed up. With authentic 80’s sounds and graphics, allow him to also enjoy the arcade classics of tetris, centipede, frogger, space invasion and much more. What an awesome throwback! Besides the fascinating game design looks, the overall physical design of the machine looks even more attractive – a petite cute machine. The joysticks make the arcade machine even more original. Being small and petite makes the gaming machine very portable and could even be places inside a pocket. Your son could be playing it when your son is bored, or when on car rides or even when relaxing after homework. It is really fun or kids to pass time with and also appreciate the ancient days. Though it is small, the arcade machine is built sturdily and even when it falls it will still work its charm on your son.

Authentic 80s graphics, sounds and game play
Seemless joystic controls
Brighter screen
Includes 3 AA batteries for instant play
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7. Virtual Archery Bow

virtual reality bow

If your son is a big fan of Arrow or Hawk Eye, then this is the best gift you could get him. Even if your son isn't, the virtual archery bow is an adventurous and exciting toy that can get any male out of his wits. Everyone will be fighting to get some play time with this amazing gift after your son is done with it. How does a bow incorporate virtual and augmented reality to make a very interesting game? Your son's phone will be positioned at the center of the bow and with simulated games in the phone; your son can pull imaginary arrows from the bow and shoot at various targets in many games. Therefore you as the parent have no need to worry about his safety. Also if your son is also into hunting, your son will be able to practice shooting at deer, boars, bears and even fire breathing dragons in very exciting battles. Your son will be very safe while having lots of fun. The bow is compatible with many phone devices so help your son sharpen his archery and mind skills by getting him this gift. With the real virtual and augmented reality feel, your son will not only get to fully experience archery in the most safe way but your son will also get to appreciate the continuing developing augmented reality in this 4th industrial revolution. Excite his life by getting him this wonderful present!

Works with Samsung or iPhone devices
Augmented reality feel
Hunt deer, turkey, bear, boar and more
Archery experience
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8. Invisible ink pen

invisible ink pen

Here is another amazing gift for movie lovers. With this your son could be able to write secret messages to his friends and even to you that no one else can read. Also your son can write heartfelt words to you that only you can read. It will be lots of fun for him having these 8 invisible ink pens around and even make him popular among his friends. They will all praise for having a spy kit! How does it work? Secret messages are written on a piece of paper and some UV light is shone on the words to make them visible and legible. You don't have to purchase extra sources of UV light and the pen caps have the UV lights installed in them. The ink totally dries out but the UV light built into the cap shines really brightly to reveal the hidden message. . These magical pens can write on anything, form paper to skins to clothes to even the walls! The pens are of a reasonably small size and hence are really easy to carry around in bags and purses. Surprise him this year with these amazing gifts!

Written messages are invisible until one shines UV light on it
Harmless and flavorless ink, you can write anywhere
The pen comes with UV light
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9. Remote controlled dual pack spiders

remote controlled spiders

This gift is for those who are very fascinated about robotics. Apart from remote control cars, there are also other stuff that can be controlled remotely and at the same time have a lot of fun while doing so. Get your son the Hexbug Battle Spiders and watch him spend quality time with friends playing battles with each other. The package comes as two huge robotic tarantulas that have a high tech sensor that monitors each hit. The eyes of the spiders light up when turned on bringing more alien life to them and also their movements are very realistic adding more to their performance. The spiders are remote controlled with a four channel remote control from a distance so it will be very exciting for your sons and their friends to compete in a remote controlled game which can entertain them for hours. The remote control and spiders are very easy to set up just by the instruction that come in the manual and not forgetting that batteries are included. What a wonderful gift to get for birthday!

Four channel remote control for all the spiders
High precision measures
Two battle spiders, blue and orange
Batteries included
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10. iPhone Charger and earphone splitter

charge and earphone splitter

Make his birthday this year by getting him a headphone - charger splitter that will make the use of his phone much easier. The KPAO 3 in 1 adopter has three ports; one for super fast charging while the other two are for listening to music thus making it easier for your son to even share with a friend his music. This high quality port could be use with most phones and any personal computer. No app is needed neither is any additional software required, all your son has to do is just plug in and listen. The music your son will listen to will even be of better quality! This lightning charger and adapter is very lightweight and small, therefore is portable and can be carried around in purses, bags or even wallets! Its unique design will also aid it not to be distorted or deformed when it is being carried around.

Provides three ports, one for charging and two for earphones
Easy to use, plug and play
Lighweight and small
Compatible with iPhone 8/8 plus/7/7plus/Max,and the IOS 10 version and later
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