Unique birthday Gifts for Mom

A mother is not just a family member, she is the most important pillar of the family. She will always go beyond her means to ensure that every member of the family is comfortable. Even if it means that she will have to deny herself, she will deny herself. As such, we should appreciate them during mother's day, world women's day and even during birthday holidays. One way to appreciate them, is by surprising them with love-filled gifts, just to thank them for holding the family up.

1. Slanket


One of the ways to touch your mum’s heart on her birthday is to buy he something to keep her warm during the cold times. This amazing gift is very versatile as it will not only allow your mother to keep warm, but will also enable her do so while performing other activities like watching TV, read a book or even play some games. As your mum is feeling comfortable, she also looks stylish and chic in her wearable blanket. Hanging out with her kids deep into the night will become much more enjoyable. With warm sleeves and deep pockets on the front it really comes in handy to also hold and store things. The best thing about this gift is that it gives a comfortable warmth without being too hot. The slanket despite being warm is also really long and your mum will save a lot of energy by turning off the thermostat to use this soft blanket. The fabric is really soft both on the inside and the outside hence really cosy. This will be an amazing gift for your lovely mother!

Features Description
Use TV watching, playing, reading, studying etc
Texture Ultra soft and luxurious
Material Soft micro mink fleece on one side and plush sherpa fleece on the flip side
Size 72" X 55", 11" sleeve width, 23" sleeve circumference, one-size-fit all
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2. Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooker

With a combination of 6 kitchen functions in 1 (pressure cooker, Sauté, warmer, rice cooker, slow cooker and steamer) this is the best present to give your great cook of a mother on her birthday. It prepares dishes up to 70% faster than other normal cookers providing ample time for your lovely mother to relax from the hustle and bustle of preparing meals. Imagine having to cook meat for a whole family in a fraction of a time! In fact, the cooker is the best for healthy cooking if your mum always uses fresh ingredients. Not forgetting the best for getting boiled eggs done which end up looking beautifully endowed as if crafted by artistic hands. This amazing cooker has easy to use and press buttons that instantly and efficiently control the cooker that your mom can easily learn how to use with the step by step instruction manual that it come with. Furthermore, the pressure cooker comes also with an instant pot recipe booklet for her to be adventurous with various food. What more could your mum ask for!?

Features Description
Programs Fourteen smart programs for soup, meat, stew, bean, chili, poultry, saute, simmer, rice, multigrain, porridge, steam, slow cook, keep warm, yogurt, steam and pressure cook
Material Inner cooking pot made of stainless steel 18/8 from food grade 304, no chemical coating
Size 14.17" X 14.84" X 13.31"
Certification UL and ULC certified with 10 safety mechanisms
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3. Wine and Drink Gems

Sovrano Wine Gems

We should always show love to our mothers for the passionate care, love and protection they have give us as kids and even as adults. One way is to have them enjoy chilled drinks as they relax. These pure stainless food safe steel balls that are reusable will keep all her drinks cold and chilled and very enjoyable especially her favourite wine. These are the perfect substitute for ice if she neither wants her drinks watered down nor change the flavour of her sweet drinks. Despite the weather or the place, no matter how hot it is, your mum’s wine will be kept refreshingly cool for her enjoyment. (even if she is the slowest wine taker). These set of 4 steel balls come in a beautiful packaging that doubles up also as a gift box and have the elegant and stylish Sovrano logo on them. Your mom can place one or two in her drinks depending on how chilled she wants them to be. Don’t hesitate to increase your mum’s comfort!

Features Description
Material Stainless steel, never stains, never rusts
Drinks For wine, but can be used for other drinks
Number of chillers per set 4 chillers
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4. Herbal Tea Kit

Herbal tea Kit

If your mom is a tea person (even if she isn’t this will make her one), on her birthday, get her the best tasty gift, The Earl Grey Crème Tea bags. This exquisite tea is made from handpicked black tea, natural flavours and Bergamot oil. This very tasty tea has vanilla natural flavour and a hint of caffeine suitable for your mum in the early morning and afternoon tea parties. These 12 bags of awesomeness will make your mum feel that she is being served in a 5-star hotel somewhere in California because of the smooth and delicious right blend of vanilla and Bergamot. Even without sugar, these fabulous bags of tea could be taken as dessert! To even bring out more flavour it should be taken with milk and the texture, taste and quality will be magnified! And with just one tea bag your mum could make 5 cups of tea! What more would your mom need on her birthday?

Features Description
Calories Zero
Ingredients Organic black teas, Bergamot oil and natural flavors
Flavor Vanilla and citrusy Italian bergamot oil
Display 1.75" LCD
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5. Morrocan Tea Glasses

Digital tyre pressure gauge

Specially handcrafted tea glasses by Moroccan hands with skill handed down from generation to generation is one of the best gift you can give to your art loving mother. The Moroccan Ballar Amber Tea glasses come as six multipurpose ancient vessels that can be used to serve wine, tea, soda to all her visitors. The glasses are so authentic that your mum’s kitchen will have a Moroccan feel to it. The Moroccans use them in special occasions that celebrate friends and family therefore would be a perfect gift for your loving mother. Despite being small in size, they hold just the right amount of drink. While holding 8 ounces, they come with a great aesthetic view that involve crystal clear glass and golden engravings. The fabulous glasses will compliment any other beautiful cutlery your mother has and will be a centre of attraction once set up on the table. There are a variety of different ancient colours to choose from according to her preferences.

Features Description
Set Six glasses
Design Handcrafted, handpainted and etched with intricate golden designs
Use Water, tea, coffee or juice
Size 3.75" X 2.5" for 8 ounces
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6. LED Lighted Travel Mirror

LED lighted travel mirror

What’s better than a purse mirror? An LED lighted purse mirror that has a 10X magnification mirror and can be engraved with your mum’s initials! Small weight, compact and very portable are the travelling mirror’s middle names. The LED lights that are life long (about 20,000 hours of life) and come with free batteries. They serve to compliment the sun’s light and give natural true to life and correct details of your mum’s skin. The mirrors are very clear and lights very bright. Imagine being able to view your skin tone even in the dark! The mirror on one side of the flip has a normal magnification of 1X but a wide view showing your mum’s whole face. The mirror on the other flip has the magnification of 10X which compliments the 1X mirror and shows finer details for your mum to apply her makeup precisely. To find a small (5”) travel mirror that could give such a magnification is not an easy task but this gift provides the opportunity to give your mum such a valuable component. The casing is sturdy and strong and is designed suitably for efficient hold. Gift your mum this great gift!

Features Description
Daylight LED Simulates natural light
Magnification 1X/10X magnification
Size 5" distortion free view
LED lifespan Upto 20,000 hours
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7. Living Room Decor


All mothers love a well decorated lovely looking home. So, surprise your mum on her birthday by getting her this mammoth like piece of art for her living room. At the same time, the piece of art has photos of all her dear ones that your mom cares about so it is not only a beautiful sculpture but also a reminder of the love of family around her. The big art that covers a big chunk of the living room wall consists of a tree with its leaves and photos of family members embedded in between the branches. There are also small birds present that really compliment the masterpiece. It is made from reflective acrylic pieces that make it look really real and nature-like. The tree and branches will be really easy to install and it doesn’t matter what type of surface the wall is (even or coarse), the tree of life will stick turgidly to it. With the many pieces available, you could play around with the design and even come up with another amazing piece of art.

Features Description
Material Reflective and bright acrylic
Easy to apply fix stencil then peel and stick
Surface Can be applied to both rough and smooth surface
Size 98" X 70"
Stick strength Very high, needs effort to remove
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8. Espresso Machine

espresso machine

Your mum doesn’t always have to go all the way to Starbucks to get real authentic coffee. You could bring the refreshing drink right inside her home for her to enjoy authentic expresso and cappuccino by getting her this DeLonghi Pump Espresso EC702 machine for birthday. First of all, it is made of a silver metal build and looks really stylish (not fake looking black plastic). Develop the brewing gifts hidden in her and at the same time improve the quality of her morning breakfast and late afternoon coffee greatly. If your mum craves good coffee, this is practically the best gift you could ever get her. The expresso machine produces perfect crema on top of the expresso with a rich taste. Equipped with a well-designed steaming wand, the machine will prepare exquisite lattes. Every lady from the neighbourhood will envy her coffee when they visit her. Your mom will greatly appreciate that she could pull out 5 shots of expresso a day without the machine ‘complaining’. Also, that the machine is of simple build and very easy to operate will be a plus! Not forgetting that the machine is super clean. It has a large and easily removable water holder hence really easy to clean. Surprise your mum on her birthday by this great gift!

Features Description
Power 1100W
Indicators Water level indicator, 1.3l removable water tank
Raw coffee type Pods or ground coffee
Coffee makes Capuuccinos and lattes
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9. Bathtub Caddy Tray

Bathtub caddy tray

Do you ever get into a bath tab and never want to come out because of the comfort of warm water and all the ‘me’ time you’re getting? Give your mum this pleasure by getting her this amazing bath tab tray on her birthday! The Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bamboo Tray comes with a variety of holders that making it possible for your mum to stay for long hours relaxing in the bath tab. The caddy tray has a book holder, a wine holder, a soap holder, a tablet or phone holder and extended trays that are detachable. This comes in handy especially if your mum has a really narrow tab as it provides lots of room to store more stuff. The tray is of really quality material as it is built from organic bamboo wood which not only survives in water (hence is water proof) but also prevents any growth of bacteria and mould. Not only does it help in relaxation, but it also beautifies the bathroom and makes it look artistically better. Whose mother wouldn’t appreciate such a gift?

Features Description
Material Organic bamboo wood which resists mold and bacteria
Racks Reading rack, wine holder, soap dish and trays for spa accessories
Size Extendable to fit most tab sizes
Other features Has silicon grips hence it is slip resistant
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10. Singlepass Compact Styling Iron

singlepass compact styling iron

Does your mum’s hair get messed up easily? Does she always spend long hours trying to straighten it? Ease her hair hustle by getting her this single pass compact styling iron for birthday. First of all, it is so small for an electrical appliance hence perfect for daily use. Also, since it is small, it can be carried anywhere so your mum could even use it when your mom is travelling or when she is at work! It is also lightweight hence makes it easy and comfortable for her to use while your mom is designing her hair to be wavy, curly or straight. Once connected the styling iron heats up really quickly (in about 30s) and attains a suitable temperature which aids it straighten the hair easily. One pass easily flattens your mum’s hair hence is especially built for those with thick hair. Is also very suitable for short hair as it small and compact making it really easy to use, compared to other huge and clunky irons. What more could your mum ask for?

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