Best birthday gifts for your grandpa

1. Cassette tape USB flash drive

Cassette tape USB flash drive

Take your grandpa on his birthday back to the nostalgic times by getting him this flash drive that is in the form of a cassette! Is he a lover of the 70's and 80's? This is a perfect gift to aid him never to forget the old times. It will even show that you know his style and this will be a plus on your side. There will never be a time that he will forget his flash drive anywhere because this unique cassette will always remind him in a unique way. With a massive 8GB space, he will be able to save more throwback songs than he could even listen to in a day. You could even save up in the flash drive photos and videos that show memories of you two to make it an even more special gift. Make his birthday unique and wonderful by getting him this creative gift!

Features Description
Color Available in variety of colors
Memory size Upto 8GB
Design Retro cassette flash drive design
Multimedia Video, Music, Photos
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2. Personalized cuff links

Personalized cuff links

If you know your grandpa to like official wear, then cuff links together with a tie clip is an amazing gift for his birthday. The cuffs and the clip are unique in their own make and nature. They are made of stainless steel that shines brightly especially when polished. They will not only shine their magnificence but will also shine the initials of your grandpa. Three letters to represent the guy's initials are engraved skillfully in the cuffs and the clip. Good quality and clear engraving. The end product is a classy sophisticated look that is developed by through gifting him this gift. Everyone will comment on his look wherever he goes, especially on the tie clasp that stands out a lot when it will be holding the tie. Such an amazing gift!

Features Description
Dimensions 0.75" x 0.5" Tie Bar: 2.25" x 0.25"
Material Stainless steel
Personalization Engrave name or initials
Colors Silver
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3. Rectangular sunglasses

Rectangular sunglasses

The Oakley Men's Valve Rectangular glasses are these polarized stylish sunglasses that will count as an amazing birthday present for your grandpa. This is especially if he is a sporty person r likes to hang out in the beach. The glasses are very comfortable with some soft rubber on their side to cushion them against his skin and keep them firmly in place. They are feather weight on his face and hold in place securely coming in handy whenever he rides motorcycles and/or surfs. Besides looking stylish, they are very favorable to anyone's eyes whenever they are worn. They will not feel itchy and leave just enough space so that his eye-lashes do not rub against the glasses. They come in an original Oakley box that makes it presentable as a wonderful gift!

Features Description
Shape Rectangular
Frame color Matte black, polished black
Lens color Dark bronze, deep blue Iridium polarized
Lense prescription Prescription ready
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4. Shutter mug

Shutter mug

Is your grandpa a lover of photography? What about coffee? Get him the uHome latest camera lens coffee mug. This unique gift will combine two things that he loves. It will be amazing how he will get to know how much you know about him by getting him this gift. The 400 mL shutter mug is made of stainless steel in the inside and food grade plastic real camera design on the outside. It can hold both hot and cold beverages and with the camera design on the outside it becomes very easy to hold. Plastic being a poor conductor of heat hence a very good insulator, so he will never have to worry about being burned by the hot beverage. Guess what? The package comes with a stainless-steel spoon for free! This wonderful gift will definitely strike interesting conversations when he walks around with it.

Features Description
Design replica of Canon Lens Model EF 24-105mm f / 4L IS USM Lens
Material interior is made of extra-fine stainless steel and exterior is made of food grade ABS plastic
Use Hot and cold beverages
Colors Black
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5. Floral tie

Floral tie

One way to touch your grandpa's heart, is through his tie! It literally touches his chest! This gift is an affordable way to get your tie loving grandpa a quality and beautiful floral tie. A whooping 58-inch length makes the tie to be wearable by a guy of any height. Made of 100% cotton, the tie has a smooth fabric that boasts of quality to anyone who touches it. This is jack of all trades tie because it is fit for all occasions; be it a wedding, work, dinner, date. The floral designs are an eye catcher and really compliment any color of suit that he will wear it with. It is also a way of changing the narrative. Changing the normal way guys normally wear suits to events with cliché ties. This floral tie will add a lot of spice to your grandpa’s wardrobe. Why not get him such a lovely tie for his birthday?

Features Description
Size 58" Long, 2.5" Wide
Design Handmade
Material 100% cotton
Occassion Informal events
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6. Canvas wall art

Canvas wall art

How about decorate your grandpa's room for his birthday? This ‘planet earth at night from space’ huge canvas is a magnificent aesthetic present especially if he is an astronomy fan. The quality of the art work is so good that it has a glowing feel to it when the lights are off. This will definitely change the outlook of his room and he will forever appreciate. You actually do get the chance to choose from a variety of artwork depending on your guy’s taste. Maybe a picture of his favorite city, monument or bridge to appear on a huge canvas to lighten up not only his day but also his room. The packaging is done so beautifully and carefully in bubble wraps with the aim to keep the canvas safe from damage and spotting hence no need to look for extra gift wrappers. Spice up his room this year’s birthday by getting him such a gorgeous gift!

Features Description
Stretcher bar size 1.5" thick
Origin USA
Accessories Hanging accessories included
Frame strength Durable, shrink resistant
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7. Solar Einstein

Solar Einstein

This is a great gift for the nerdy geeky scientist grandpa that you have. Who else does he idolize if not the man Einstein himself? Solar Einstein is an 8-inch figure that serves an aesthetic purpose when placed on a study table, vehicle dashboard or on a book shelf. He not only decorates the environment but also prompts those around him to think by tapping his temple. This action is powered by the sun’s rays or any other bright source of light. He is always reminding you to think before you act. Your grandpa not a fan of Albert Einstein? We still have you covered because Einstein is not the only action figure available. You could choose one that your grandpa will love. How else would you show him that you are interested in all that he does and says if not by getting him his favorite action figure?

Features Description
Inscription Base inscribed with E=MC^2
Use Bookshelf, dashboard, windows
Power Power by any light source including sunlight
Size 2.5" x 7.5"
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8. Laptop bed tray

Laptop bed tray

Make your grandpa's work comfortable by getting this multi-tasking laptop bed tray for his birthday. The very sturdy bed tray made from bamboo is spacious enough to fit a 15.6” laptop, a phone, a mouse pad and a tablet. Enough surface for a variety of devices that he needs to use at the same time. This will enable his working station to be anywhere he wants! It is very light and so he can carry it around so easily. The wood is well varnished and is smooth all round. The top of the tray is adjustable to allow him to set it at a preferred angle for working for his maximum comfort. In addition, the tray had storage drawers, so he will be able to use if he has a variety of other things he needs and can’t store on top of the tray. The bed tray has legs that are retractable and come in handy when he sets up to use his station. What a great gift!

Features Description
Use perfect lap desk for eating, work, games, reading
Size Can hold upto 18" laptop
Design Adjustable top for a perfect view angle
Dimensions 21.5" Width x 13.75" Depth x 9.25"
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9. Vinyl


This is another nostalgic and a take-me-back gift that your grandpa can use in this present age. This vinyl is made of polished sleek wood and has a dust cover to prevent it from getting dirty. It is very lightweight and beautiful and therefore will add aesthetic value to the room where it is kept. Being a vinyl, then it can definitely be used with any type of a record. Apart from the old age record being used, the vinyl has aux in jacks that enable it to be plugged in into his phone, tablet or laptop. So he can be able to play music from his phone, tablet and laptop through the vinyl. It has built in stereo speakers that amplify the music making a 21st century experience with a 20th century device. The device is very easy to use so no need to worry about how he will go about it. What a wonderful present!

Features Description
Design Traditional wooden look
Turntable Pure soft finish split cow leather
Audio system Built in stereo speakers
Accessories 3.5mm aux-in and headphone jack
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10. Pop up photo box

Pop up photo box

Show your love to your grandpa this birthday through getting him this explosion of photos! The explosion box is a handmade pop up gift box that contains a myriad of decorations with memorable photos of you two in each face. It is a great way to remind him how far you two have come and the rich history you have had together. What is great about this gift is that it is DIY; you can design the whole thing by yourself! The quality of the paper on which the photos are being placed is of high quality and the package comes with adhesive to be used to stick the photos on the box. Another surprise is apart from the photos that take him back memory lane; you could also place another physical gift inside the box. He will be surprised when he not only sees the many photos but also another gift at the center of all the beautiful pictures. It could be a watch, cuff links or anything that could fit into that space. Surprise him this birthday with this amazing gift!

Features Description
Design 6 faces,5layers and 12 pockets will explode once opened
Weight 1.05 pounds
Color Black
Other features Gift box
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11. Hand stamped wallet inserter card

Hand stamped wallet inserter card

If you wrote him a compassionate letter, is it possible that he could be reading it every day? Wouldn’t that be an amazing thing? This gift ensures that your written down heartfelt words are in his face every day for him to read! It is a personalized wallet card. This thick and strong card is beautifully designed and has your heartfelt words skillfully encrypted on it. Once you secretly slip it into his wallet, he will be so pleased to find a beautifully crafted memento from you with words that touch his heart. You do get to choose the font that the lettering will be done in depending on his taste, or his favorite fonts that catch his eye. Being thick and very strong, there is no possibility of the card breaking or bending in a long time. Despite being quite sturdy, the card is feather weight adding not much bulk to his wallet while he carries it in his pocket. Surprise him this birthday with such a great gift that speaks volumes!

Features Description
Size 3.5" x 2"
Etching Permanent
Material sturdy metal .050". Will not bend!
Origin USA
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12. 3D printing pen

3D printing pen

What is better than a normal writing pen? A 3D printing pen! Imagine if you visualize something, draw it and then print it in 3D! This is an amazing gift to get you techy grandpa that is also into arts and crafts. Only weighing 1.9 ounces and having an 8-level speed control enables your grandpa to maximize his creativity while drawing. This pen supports two types of filament hence he will have the option to choose from which type of filament material to use. The pen is built to be safe for whoever will be using it. At its holding place, it has two finger protectors for the thumb and index finger. With this in place, it becomes easy to manipulate the pen while drawing. It has a wide range of colors to choose from and the end product is amazing after it has cooled off. Even the tiny details are sturdy and don’t break off easily. Enhance his art skills this year by getting him the 3D printing pen!

Features Description
Number of filaments Supports 2 filaments
Speed 8 level speed control
Design Adjustable temparature design
Display OLED display to show you the filament you are using and the temparature
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13. Photo socks

Photo socks

Most of men out here wear socks almost everywhere. How about get your grandpa socks that have pictures which show the two of you. These customizable photo socks are a great gift for a socks lover and they will remind him how a deep of a friendship you two have been having. All you must do is just upload the photos that you want to appear on the socks and the rest of the hard work is left to the designers on the other side. There will be a repeated pattern in the design to make it look classier. The socks are made of polyester which is soft, comfortable and very easy to wash. The socks will not only cover his feet in style, they will also be a great conversation starter among the people he interacts with. Even after a couple of washes, the images and design don’t wear out. Surprise your grandpa on his birthday with these socks and he will forever be grateful!

Features Description
Image Upload any image at Amazon and it will be printed on the socks
Size 15.35"(L) x 3.54"(W)
Material High quality polyester
Colors Available in all colors
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14. Alexa voice remote

Alexa voice remote

Give your grandpa much more control over his TV channels and all the music he wants to listen to by getting him this voice control remote for his birthday. Make his life much easier by getting the Alexa Voice Remote through which he will be able to choose the channel he wants without lifting a muscle. Much more than the voice control, this awesome remote can be able turn of his TV together with the fire stick! This is a big improvement from other remotes. This is all the remote any man has been dreaming of; a one remote rule all system. He doesn’t have to get any other device to increase the volume, change the input or even switch the TV off. The response time for the remote is also really fast and he won’t have to worry about waiting for long hours to see a change when he speaks it. Surprise him this birthday with the Alexa Voice Control Remote!

Features Description
Features Launch and control content with the Alexa Voice Remote
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15. Electric wine opener

Electric wine opener

This is for your wine-loving grandpa. Surprise him this birthday by getting him a set of exquisite wine gift collection that aim to enhance and preserve his favorite wine. It includes a stainless-steel wine cork screw extractor that on full charge can effectively remove up to 30 corks! This cork remover is very easy to use. You get it into action by just pressing a button, not much fuss. The set also includes an electric bottle pump that drives out the air from an already opened bottle and seals it to preserve the wine in vacuum conditions. Its base is well organized for safe keeping and for charging the accessories which is showed by a cool blue LED light. The accessories always sit on the charging station, so they are always on the go ready to use. On top of all these, the set includes an aerator that enhances the flavor of the wine while pouring it. What could be a better present than this set?

Features Description
Electric cork screw extractor For easy removal for the cork
Vacuum preserver and stopper Ensure purity and richness of the wine
Blues LED charging base Keeps the table organized
Aerator Enhances the flavor of the wine
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16. Portable device projector

Portable device projector

Imagine if you could carry your television everywhere you went! This device makes it possible. The compact projector is portable as it fits in your pocket and only weighs 0.6 pounds. It is also very easy to set up and use. All your grandpa needs to do is connect the SD card or flash disk and project whatever he wants to watch against a suitable background. The device is also very versatile as it is compatible to be used with any screen, be it a phone, laptop or television. It also can be manipulated to project in multiple screens, so he can be able to showcase the same video in various screens making it a cool hangout device. Not to mention the quality of display is magnificent making it a great birthday gift. It has a battery life of 2 hours so you’re sure he will be enjoying the videos for a long time. Get him this portable projector for his birthday and you never know, it could be the two of you spending time together watching videos through it!

Features Description
Design Compact, portable, versatile
Multi-screen sharing Yes
Display Vibrant
Compatibility Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows
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17. Carry all backpack

Carry all backpack

This year’s birthday, get your grandpa a carry-on bag than can carry almost everything he owns! This bag is so spacious and light that he can make a series of flights with it without needing a suitcase. The Hynes Eagle flight approved bag is made from 600D polyester making it very smooth and easy to wash. No stains will stick too long. It comes with very comfortable shoulder straps that will literally massage his shoulders while he carries his stuff. Also the bag pack has a sternum strap to increase stability. This gift also has one top handle and another one on its side for versatility in carrying it depending on his preference. Being very spacious can fit most of his belongings and gadgets together with 3 pieces of packing cubes. Though it has this much capacity, it still is designed to fit in the overhead compartments and under the seat during flights. So, get him this convenient way of carrying a lot of stuff while travelling as a birthday gift!

Features Description
Material 600D polyester, durable
Closure Zip
Wash Hand wash with cold water
Buckle straps Multiple sides compression buckle straps
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18. Wireless charger

Wireless charger

What a way to ensure that his phone is always on! This portable wireless charger that is especially used in cars is a fast charger and doubles as a phone holder while he is driving. Your grandpa will not have to be messing around with cables while driving to get his phone charged. He does not even have to remove the phone case! The charger has an automatic opening and closing clamping design with sensors to make the placing of the phone safe and easier. Besides this the wireless charger powers itself off when his phone is fully charged and therefore protects the phone battery. The wireless charger has a powerful suction cup enabling it to be placed anywhere on the front dashboard. It also has an enabled 360 degree viewing capability and a strong clip that keeps the phone steady so that it doesn’t droop. Therefore, it will be easier for him to use the GPS or anything else while driving. Surprise him this birthday with this wonderful present!

Features Description
Design Automatic opening and clamping design, one can operate with one hand
Holder Qi Wireless Charger & Phone Holder
Charging time Thick Case Friendly & Faster Charging
Base Strong Suction Cup & Adjustable Viewing
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19. Insulated lunch bag

Insulated lunch bag

Whenever he will be having lunch, he will be thinking of the great lunch bag that you got him which kept his food really warm. The ThinkFit Insulated Meal Prep Lunch Box is a lunch bag that includes 6 meal preparation containers, a pill dispenser, reusable ice pack and a shaker cup to wholly complete his meal. Each of the containers for food storage has a specific size for food apportioning and has tightly sealed lids to keep the food fresh. These containers are reusable, easily washable, and microwavable and can be placed in the freezer. The bag has a comfortable strap that can be effectively used to carry it. The ice pack keeps food cold for long ours thus preserving it. There is so much space in the bag than he can pack enough food and snacks for two. It could be a wonderful gift that the two of you could use to go on a picnic. Your grandpa can not only use it in a picnic, but also pack lunch and breakfast to eat at work or in the gym after his work out. Such a great gift!

Features Description
Accessories 6 meal prep containers, a pill dispenser, shaker cup & reusable ice pack
Six portion control food containers Each container has a lid
Other features Reusable, microwave and frezeer safe containers
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20. Vacuum insulated tumblr

Vacuum insulated tumblr

What about a tumbler that uses the science of magnetism to keep his hot drinks hot and his cold drinks cold? The lid of this Yeti Rambler is a magnetic slider and once it locks no air goes in or out thus keeping his drink at the desired temperature. Another mechanism that controls the temperature is the stainless steel double insulated walls that maintain the temperature no matter how much it is moved around. The tumblers are easy to wash and can be cleaned in the dish washer. Their sides have the no sweat design so he will not have to worry about yucky watery sides while he enjoys his drink. The sides have a layer of durable coat of color that will not scratch, fade or peel and add to the grip while he is holding it. The coat also ensures the sides remain shiny and quality no matter how many field use it gets. You do get the chance to choose from a wide variety of colors and designs according to his taste and preference. Surprise your grandpa this birthday with this great affordable gift.

Features Description
Material BPA free plastic outer wall
Interior Made of stainless steel
Lid Uses magnet to lock
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