Top Ten Birthday Gift Ideas for Your daughter

Are you stuck between a rock and Thanos’ chin trying to decide what to get this special him for his birthday? We have done all the work for you, here is the top ten gifts any man would desire on this special day.

1. Jewellery Box

jewellery box

Light compact and versatile are the qualities describing the Vlando Leather Travel Jewelry box. You already got her various beautiful rings, earrings or necklaces? This is now the best gift to store all her jewelry in one place when your daughter isn’t using and especially while travelling. The box has an elegant look with pink synthetic leather on the exterior material and high quality velvet lining as the interior material. This provides the expensive professional look your daughter deserves. On the inside of the box are dividers which can be moved around or taken out of the box entirely so as to create your daughter’s own interior design depending on her preference. Your daughter could arrange the inside to even fit her watches plus all her jewelry! The box has an elegantly made zipper that encloses the inside contents thus no stud or any other small jewelry will fall out. Get her this amazing gift on her birthday!

Simple and elegant design
Deluxe synthetic leather interior
For carrying or storing earrings, bracelets, rings
Zipped closure with silver zipper pull
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2. Personalized marmaid blanket

personalized marmaid blanket

Is your daughter a princess fan? Or better yet, is your daughter a little mermaid fun? Give her some warmth this festive season by getting her the personalized crocheted mermaid blanket. The Laghcat mermaid blanket is of very good quality with its pen sized holes that give it a wavy design bringing an ocean feel to it. Though the main color of the blanket is ocean blue, it comes with an array of grey, orange and even mint green stitching of yarn. Besides looking super cute on your daughter, it will make her very comfortable and warm the very cold nights. No matter how tall your daughter is, your daughter will be able to get a mermaid blanket that can cover her from head to toe. It will come in handy when your daughter goes for camping and sleepovers. The tail end is opened for her feet to slide through so it’s not your daughter is enclosed in a fixed clothe. Warm her heart on her birthday with this great gift. Also in the package is a surprise gift of a beautiful necklace!

Soft and warm, 70% orlon, 30% cotton
Comes with one laghcat mermaid blanket, one laghcat casual daypack and one unique laghcat silver color necklace
Adult blanket size
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3. Polar bear snow globe

polar bear snow globe

Get your daughter this beautiful snow globe that has a mama bear and baby cubs around her. This has the implication of ‘forever love’ and depicts the great love that you definitely have for her. Your daughter could place it beside her bed or on her room table and it will greatly improve the aesthetics of that environment. The gift can definitely be used to decorate her room. The globe is crystal clear giving a transparent view into the bears. Though the glass is very strong and of high quality, the globe is not even clunky or heavy. The material of the other parts is resin which gives it a detailed look and feel to it. The globe also comes with its inbuilt lights that change color as they shine frequently. What’s better is that the whole gift is hand made from environmentally friendly materials thus by purchasing this you’re conserving the environment. Though handmade and not manufactured, the work output is exquisitely professional. Help her see the beauty and the love of her birthday by getting her this gift!

Handmade out of resin
High quality and clear snow globe
Suitable for room decor
With own lights for a spectactular look
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4. Baby Elephant Ring Holder

3D Illusion Table Lamp

A wonderful way of storing her many rings in a safe and creative way is by using the trunk of this beautiful sculpture. This decorated baby elephant not only acts as the ring holder but also as a room beautifier by adding amazing aesthetic beauty to the room. The elephant has beautifully etched designs on its body making it look really pretty. Your daughter will never lose any of her jewelry again and the elephant will be there to remind her to take them off before your daughter sleeps. Rings and small studs slide carefully into the elephant’s trunk while bigger bangles and necklaces rest on the lotus flower bowl at the elephant’s feet. The whole holder is very sturdy an there is no fear of tipping over from having too many rings in the trunk. The ring holder also comes in very much in handy when your daughter is doing chores like washing, mopping and any type of cleaning as your daughter will store her rings and other jewelry on the baby elephant.

Elegant design
For earrings, pins and necklaces
Made from polyresin, with a gloss finish
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5. Charging Dock

charging dock

This charging stand is a case friendly wireless charging station that incorporates advanced type C charging which ensures fast and efficient juicing up of your phone. The charging dock supports fast charging hence suitable for your daughter’s phone that is put to many uses. It is case friendly because it has a case compatible design that allows the power connector to plug into the phone easily and efficiently. The case of the phone can be kept on while charging is ongoing. The stand is inclined at an angle that makes it suitable to still be easily viewed while charging is ongoing. The bottom of the charging dock has a sticky surface such that when the phone is plugged out of the cable, only the phone is lifted off while the dock remains intact using little effort in the process. Also through this built in cable, the charging port allows your phone to be synced with your personal computer. Warm your daughter’s heart with this gadget on her birthday!

Durable, made from aluminium
Perfect angle for optimal viewing
Type C charging port, compatible with almost
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6. Broadway Mirror

Broadway mirror

If your daughter doesn't receive a makeup gift then her birthday will not be complete. Warm her heart on her birthday by getting her this Waneway Lighted vanity mirror that is a cosmetic mirror with lights. The lighted makeup mirror is surrounded by 12 LED bulbs that give it its bright and natural light that will greatly help your daughter apply the most natural of makeup, even at night! This brightness is adjustable by smart touch control. Simply your daughter will touch the sensor switch on the screen and wallah! What's even more amazing is that the mirror has a memory function that enables it remember the brightness that your daughter will last use. The adjustable brightness is good enough for the application of makeup but it doesn't even hurt the eyes! The reflection on the mirror is the perfect image showing your daughter's skin tone and complexion thus very suitable for using to applying makeup. The mirror is large enough for your daughter to comfortably view her full self but as your daughter moves closer your daughter gets to notice finer details. This is a mirror that is only used by celebrities in Holywood, here's your chance to make your daughter the celebrity of your life!

Lit with 12X3W LED bulbs
Smart touch control, simply turn on/off the lights by touching the mirror
Durable countertop mirror
Easy to use, simply plug and play
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7. Cosmetic needling kit for the face

cosmetic needling kit for the face

One of the most painless ways of removing scars from your face and giving it back its glow is by using this Derma Roller Cosmetic Kit for the face. How does it work? With 540 tiny pure titanium cosmetic needles, the Derma Roller is rolled across the face creating millions of minute contact points on the skin thus prompting a natural healing of it. The skin is rejuvenated and repaired making it glow like it never used to before. Your daughter will save thousands of dollars just by you getting her this gift as your daughter will never have to go the dermatologist. With just some tingling sensation, your daughter's face will get back its original healthy and smooth glow! Plus, the Derma Roller will help any skin product your daughter is using penetrate her skin better! It also comes in such a clean and amazing packaging giving the impression of thorough sanitizing that you won't even need to get another gift box. The Derma Roller is of great quality and sturdiness and you won't be replacing it any time soon after its purchase!

High quality Titanium 540 grade A cosmetic needles
Safe and painless
For forehead, neck, face, nose, chin or any other part of the body
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8. Supersonic hair dryer

supersonic hair dryer

This magical drier comes with three attachments: a diffuser and two styling heads and it will blow your daughter away! These attachments go on the drier magnetically hence faster and more reliable. The drier will completely dry your daughter's hair in the shortest time without producing a lot of heat. This means that there will be no burns on your daughter and also no damage to her hair. The process is very quiet and your daughter won't be feeling like your daughter is frying her head. The dryer has sensors that detect the amount of heat required for the wetness of hair at a particular time and guess what? This drier knows the amount of heat your daughter may require! Also, i bet your daughter doesn't like to be all sweaty after drying the hair. With the less heat, the drier will make your daughter's hair look so professionally done and the hair will be superb. The drier is specially designed making it less weighty therefore your daughter's hand won't get tired while holding it. What are you waiting for?

Ultra-fast hair drying
Air temparature is measured 20 times every second to keep the temparature in control
Magnetic attachments for the dyson smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator, and diffuser
Acoustically tuned to avoid audible sound
4 precise heat settings for constant cold, gentle, regular and fast drying
3 speed setting for gentle, regular or fast drying
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9. Remote controlled dual pack spiders

mason jar

One of the best ways to impact your daughter's life is to gift her with something that your daughter will see every day. These decorating jars will not only greatly increase the aesthetic beauty of her room, they will also light the room up and make it look more alive. All her friends will never want to leave her room because of its ambiance and beauty. These lanterns are hand crafted and to quality products with their mason boards stained in espresso giving them a woody nature like color. The versatile uses of the jar as a decoration in the room include being flower vases, candle holders or even as organizers. You could order the jar with the lights inside it which shine so brightly giving her room the warm feeling even at night. They have a switch that is easily accessible and used to turn the jar on and off conveniently. What a great decorative present, especially during this festive season.

Can be used as flower vases or candle holders
Measures about 11" L x 5.5" W and 4" deep (from wall)
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10. Willow tree close to me figurine

willow tree close to me figurine

This is the best gift to show how much you love your daughter. Especially if your daughter is travelling away for some while, this will be a reminder for both of you the deep connection that you both share. The figurine is creatively hand curved to present a mother who is lovingly hugging her daughter shielding her from any harm. The emotions portrayed are very special and intense. Your daughter could place this anywhere to remind her of your ever present protection and love on her. The figurines are of great quality and will help beautify wherever they will be stationed. They are also quite heavy hence difficult to be toppled over therefore you are sure it will not be falling down any time. Other versions that have a dad or with the whole family are also available so you could choose among them the most suitable one for your daughter. What a wonderful gift for the most wonderful time of the year!

8" handcrafted resin figure
Passes a deep message
Crafted by renowned artist Susan Lordi from Kansas City, MO
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