Unique birthday Gifts for Dad

Are you stuck between a rock and Thanos’ chin trying to decide what to get this special him for his birthday? We have done all the work for you, here is the top ten gifts any man would desire on this special day.

1. Voice Controlled Light Switch

wireless light switch

Surprise your dad this birthday by making his life much easier with the WeMo Light Switch. This is a battery powered switch that requires no wiring and is voice controlled and remote smartphone controlled. Your dad won’t have to mess with wires anymore! Your dad won’t have to get up and switch all the lights, fans and even fireplace once you get him this smart home appliance. Not only is it smartphone controlled, but it also monitors by itself all the energy using avenues in the house and reduces energy costs by dimming lights or switching them off. Your dad could even program the switches to turn themselves off and on at dawn and dusk respectively! The switches that has Echo Plus to enable voice control only requires two AA batteries for a year’s energy use. This is a really cheap value adding to your dad’s smart home.

Features Description
Control With your voice, smartphone or schedule
Connection Wireless
Installation Easy, no need to change wiring
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2. Cooking thermometer

Food cooking thermometer

Like most dads, your dad is probably a lover of grilled meat. Here is a gift that will magnify his gift in meat grilling. The Digital Instant Read Thermometer is the best gift to enhance his culinary arts. This gadget has an instant read to the temperature when its probe is dipped into the meat so your dad can waste no time in adjusting heat conditions or knowing it is ready to be eaten. Dad will no longer have to worry about undercooking any other type of food again! Immediately the probe is untucked, the thermometer has a reading that is large on the display. It’s backlit display not only makes it possible for readings to be made at night but also with the bright sun’s glare on a sunny day. The thermometer is waterproof hence it can survive in the kitchen and can be easily washed. The probe is long and perfectly designed to keep your dad’s hand away from any uncomfortable heat.

Features Description
Reading time Two-three seconds
Waterproof Yes
Durability Made of strong plastic
Display 1.75" LCD
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3. Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge

Digital tyre pressure gauge

Want to get your father a perfect accessory for his wheeled machines? If your dad has a motorcycle, bicycle, truck or any vehicle, surprise him this birthday with the Astro AI 3 pack Digital Pressure Gauge. This will not only aid him to gauge the correct pressure of the tyres of his wheels but will also elongate the tyre life. He will not continue to depend on the guess work of analogue instruments as this digital gauge will give the correct pressure reading efficiently at any time it is used. Your dad will not need to keep kicking his car tyres to find out manually if their pressures are good enough. The gauge gives a clear visible reading on the backlit screen that produces some light at night when it is dark. Astro has a rapid response by giving this reading on its display instantly such that when it is too cold outside or dangerous, your dad can still check the condition of his tyres and get to the safety of his vehicle quickly. Also, your dad could set the units of pressure that your dad is most comfortable with, which are accurate, excellent and consistent.

Features Description
Display Backlit LCD
Reading time One to two seconds
Accuracy 0.5 PSI
Power Auto-shut off after 30-40 seconds
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4. Foldable Golf Cart

Foldab golf cart

Sometimes a man needs and craves some time some time alone to himself. Many go to golfing as a hobby. Does your dad golf or is your dad a golf enthusiast? Surprise him this birthday with this light foldable golf cart that he can carry around anywhere he wants to go. In a split of a second with just the push of a button, the golf cart flips itself open and is ready to go! It also has a cup holder for your dad to enjoy his smooth drink as he interacts with nature through golfing. It is electrically powered hence really easy to push with all the weight of golf clubs that it will be carrying. Also, with just a few minutes of charging with the included adapter charger, the golf cart is fully powered. The golf cart has 4 wheels for better and stronger support compared to other three wheelers and also has it in built breaking system for sloping grounds. No golfer dad wouldn’t appreciate such a present!

Features Description
Folding Auto-folding, the first of the kind
Wheels 10.75" diameter
Size 12.8" x 26.4" x 16.5" folded
Battery life Lasts upto 6 months
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5. White noise sound machine

White noise sound machine

Concentration on one’s work greatly improves when the surrounding noise is to a minimum. Sleep has been proven to be peaceful and beneficial when one is in a conducive quiet room. Gift your dad this birthday with this white sound machine and improve his sleeping and working environments. The LectroFan provides a peaceful ambience by cancelling all white and pink noise. Does your dad struggle to fall asleep because of the animal sounds, or wind, or refrigerator noise? Get him one or two of these and bring joy to his life. Or is his working place full of noise from colleagues, machines, distant roadside? Improve his effectiveness in the workplace by increasing his concentration as the machine drowns all foreign noise. Your dad could actually choose from tonnes of various sounds to find the perfect on that is most suitable for him. It will even drown the snoring of anyone in the house! Your dad could take it with him from hotels to work place to camping to the house full of crying babies, literally anywhere to aid him concentrate or ease into sleep. What an awesome gift!

Features Description
Noise variations White, pink and brown noise
Power USB or AC
Volume control Precise volume control
Design No moving parts
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6. Drone!


If your dad is a techy dad, the Compatible GoPro Drone is one of the best gifts you could get him. He will be able to make use of his tech skills and also capture exquisite photos using the HD camera mounted on the drone. Since it is even GoPro compatible, the number of breath-taking photos he will be taking will be countless. With amazing speeds and 360-degree stunts, your dad’s hobby will be to impress others with his drone flying skills. Your dad will not need any sugar to give him some rush, all he will need is to be on the wheels of this speedy and agile drone. Don’t worry if he is just an enthusiast and has never flown a drone before, the silent quadcopter comes with a step by step instruction manual that is very easy to follow. With the extra battery that has a powerful charge, your dad will be able to enjoy more flight hours with this machine. The drone is quite strong and able to withstand strong impacts. Welcome to the drone age!

Features Description
Memory functions 10-minute and 40-minute timer, Eyes protection and high index
Color temparature and brightness 6 color temperature and 4 Brightness Levels. Color temperature from 3000k to 5500k (3000k, 3500k, 4000k, 4500k, 5000k, 5500k) and brightness Levels from 10% to 100%
Lamp lifetime 50,000 hours
Adjustible? Yes, 330° rotation adjustment, Adjust 90° up and down and adjust the bulb by rotating 360°
Warranty 12-month warranty for the read light
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7. Circulation Enhancing Travelling Socks

Circulation enhancing Travelling socks

birthday isn’t birthday without the Santa Claus’ socks gift. Be your father’s Santa this year by getting him actual socks. But alas! These are not just a pair of normal socks. They are technologically manipulated pair of leg coverings that give maximum comfort, enhance blood circulation, prevent swelling and cause no pain to your father when your dad wears them for long hours. Long flights and long car drives will never be the same again for your father. Your dad wont even feel too hot to take them off. It would be as if his feet are dipped in some warm water with the Garra Rufa fish massaging his feet (as in a fish spa). Their perfectly designed thickness provides the required cushion for the best comfort while he walks around all day in the socks. No matter what shoe size your dad wears, he will find the perfect fit according to his preference. Don’t let your dad’s toes be squashed, get him these comfortable socks for birthday.

Features Description
Material 80% cotton, 6% polyester, 9% nylon, 5% lycra
Compression 25-30 mmHG At The foot & ankle, 15-20 mmHG in the middle of the leg & calf, & 10-15 mmHG under the knee
Other Seamless toebox
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8. Rechargable Heated Insoles

rechargeable Heated Insoles

Shoe soles do wear out and what great news to find out that you could replace them. But even greater news is that there are shoe soles that could be thermally heated to warm up your feet and also you could manoeuvre through 4 different temperatures controlled by your smartphone. Which dad wouldn’t be amazed to get these as a gift for birthday? Your dad could thermally control the temperature at his soles using his smartphone to set it at a suitable comfortable feel at is feet. The soles have powerful batteries that are easily rechargeable for long hours of use. They are strongly built to ensure that they can be reused everyday without breaking down. Also, they can be cut into any shoe size so no worries even if your father is a size 12. Being water resistant, no need to worry about being caught up in rain or dropping the shoes in water. Get your dad the ThermaCell Proflex Heavy Duty Shoe Insole and make both his heart and feet warm this cold season.

Features Description
Temperature settings 4, controlled using a smartphone
Battery hours 6.5 hrs
Water resistance Yes
Size Trimmable, so can fit any shoe size
Accessories 2 thermcell heated insoles, 2 rechargeable Li-ion polymer batteries, 1 smart charging case, 1 drawstring travel bag and 1 wall charger with USB cable
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9. Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

microsoft arc touch mouse

This is the mouse of the future! With a robust build and a really nice-looking form, it fits the hand so perfectly with the curvy nature for easy navigation of the cursor and a comfortable feel while doing so. The mouse is also able to flatten for portability and can be slipped even into a pocket! Once you get him this, your dad won’t need to worry about accidentally pressing any buttons because they are deactivated once flattened. Talking about the buttons, they are easily pressed buttons to be put into use giving the mouse flexibility in button assignments. The mouse has a long-life battery that can even be charged once in 4 months even with heavy duty usage. The mouse can be used on any surface comfortably since it tracks greatly without creating any marks neither on it nor on the surface. The software the mouse uses also integrates really nicely with the Windows software on his laptop. What else could a tech savvy dad want?

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10. Personalized Family Tree

personalized family tree

The best gift you could give your father this birthday is showing how much you appreciate all the sacrifices he has made for your family. How do you express your appreciation? How else to do it by showing him the fruits of his hard labour. The family tree engraved in a portrait! A chic looking tree with his last name at the bottom is the simplest design and with more creative additions that you could add on to create a masterpiece. This is without forgetting the date of establishment of the family. You could choose from a myriad of colours that match with your dad’s home décor. The portrait will serve to improve the aesthetic view of the home greatly. Apart from appreciating his name being on the portrait tree, your dad will greatly appreciate this great work of art to be really beautiful. All you have to do is customize a portrait how you want it to be then mail it. You will be contacted with a sample of the work and once you approve of it, the gift is good to be delivered!

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