Wedding anniversary gift ideas for your wife

1. Wedding ring dish

wedding ring dish

One of the most important and precious jewelry to take good care of is her wedding ring. Do you even know where your wife places it when she is showering? Get your wife this beautiful anniversary present that will remind her how much you care for her. This succulent shaped glass ring cushion will keep her wedding ring safe and even store any of her other precious jewelry. The flower like sculpture comes in various thematic colors that are inspired by the nature. You could choose it to have the theme color of your wedding so as to keep the memories of the magnificent day always fresh. It is almost unbelievable that this gift is handcrafted and the glass pieces brought together and soldered with special care. It is also carefully packaged with a bubble wrap and Styrofoam around for its protection from possible damage. Surprise her this year with this amazing gift!

Features Description
Colors Blue Atoll, Teal Waves, Pure Pearl (iridescent), Green Goddess, Lilacina, Blue Wren, Morning Beauty, Black Prince, Purple Pearl, Opalina (iridescent)
Size Height x Width x Length - 1" x 4" x 4"
Design Handcrafted
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2. Bouquet of fresh flowers with vase and personalized note

fresh red roses, orchids and rascus green

An anniversary isn’t complete without your wife's favorite flowers. What is amazing with this gift of flowers is that your wife gets an array of different flowers from you with stunning colors. The pack includes 5 red roses, 5 blue orchids and green Israeli Ruscus that will completely magnify the aesthetic beauty of whatever room your wife decides to place them in. What’s amazing is that the flowers blossom after two to three days with enough sunlight! The truly unique floral arrangement will definitely amaze her and the flowers last long enough to your next anniversary. These will truly take your wife's breath away. The flowers are packed in specially designed boxes that water them (by each flower having its own water tube) and offer shock absorbance preventing any form of damage. And how are you sure that the flowers will last longer? Each tube for each flower is also filled with ‘flower vitamins’ that supplement the bouquet. Make her anniversary with this long lasting vibrant present!

Features Description
Bouquet variety 5 red roses, 5 blue dendrobium orchids and 5 israeli ruscus green
Flowers Real and fresh flowers, blooms in 2 to 3 days
Packaging Arrives in specially designed box, with your personalized message, flower card and flower food
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3. Hand swirled decanter airator for red wine

Hand swirled decanter airator for red wine

This is a perfect gift for your wine loving wife. Even if your wife isn’t, this wine decanter and aerator is charged with the mission of making wine taste superbly good making your wife fall in love with wine. Wine can be made to taste even better, with some airation of the wine, oxidation is triggered, softening the acidity and reducing the taste of vinegar caused by tannins. If she had been saving that ageing wine, this decanter will enable it to take a long, deep breath and infuse even more sweetness in it. The decanter has a super unique design and comes in a very stylish packaging that automatically couples up as a stylish gift box. It decants and aerates the wine in a very unique way by spinning. Your wife will definitely be showing it off to her friends when they have wine parties. The uniquely designed decanter is also strong and sturdy and will last for a really long time. Drinking wine straight from the bottle is no longer enough, get her this decanter and obtain a much superior taste. What an amazing gift!

Features Description
Capacity 1200 ml
Decanting method Kinetic, hand swirled
Ergonomic design Long neck for a smooth grip and avoid spills
Accessories Cock stopper
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4. Personalised cutting board

personalized cutting board

Every time your wife will be chopping onions or tomatoes your wife will be reminded of how far your great relationship has come and how much you value her. This personalized cutting board comes with an assortment of choice of material, design and a beautiful engraving. You could design the message that you would like to be engraved on the board and with your own words you could remain in your wife’s heart forever! The wood engraving is quality and stylish and has a loving feel to it. The mahogany or bamboo wood is strong and sturdy and doesn’t scratch unnecessarily from the use of the knife. With its beauty and quality, it is very friendly to the pocket. The custom made chopping board surprisingly takes very few days to craft. With great customer service and constant efficient communication between you and the crafters, you will have a great time purchasing this gift. Such a timeless and a memorable gift!

Features Description
Size 11" x 13", 11" x 14", 11" x 15", 11" x 17", with curved edges or rectangular edges
Material Bamboo
Design Laser engraved personalized note
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5. Silk pajama set

silk pajama set

If you want your gift to make a huge impact on someone’s life, gift them something that she will have to use every day. Sleep is a very important activity for anyone, especially for your wife. With these comfortable set of pajamas as an anniversary present you will definitely make an inordinate impact in life. How, you ask. These are probably the most comfortable clothing that she may not even need any beddings to sleep on! Well, your wife may need a mattress, but the silk pajamas are very comfortable. Their quality is also so unmatched that she will look like a Disney princess when she will be sleeping. Show your love to her by choosing a color that goes with your room theme and in the process amplifying your wife's beauty even more. The pajamas are not only quality, but are also long lasting. You could choose one that fits her just perfectly for maximum comfort while sleeping. With a peaceful and restful night, you can be almost certain that your wife will be free of mood swings during the day, and as a husband, you will also have a peacefull day!

Features Description
Colors Available in navy blue, white, light pink and red
Material Made from 100% pure mulberry raw silk with charmeuse lustre, soft, retains moisture and minimize wrinkles
Key features Elasticized waste with fasteners, silk-wrapped buttons front closure for the top, one left chest pocket, long sleeved with banded cuffs
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6. French coffee press

Wedge boots

For all the coffee lovers, this is an amazing gift. Is your wife tired of the old boring, cold coffee? What normal coffee makers do is use paper filters to brew your coffee which actually take away most of the nutritious oil from the coffee beans. This French coffee press will make sweet coffee for your wife and she will never forget this amazing anniversary gift. The French press does this by not absorbing up all the oils and adding even more flavor through ground coffee bean infuse. The gift is a large vacuum insulated coffee press that also comes with a mini canister for storing more coffee. The press even stores coffee and keeps it hot at a temperature that you desire. It has perfect ergonomics (the handles are well insulated and rimmed) that will make it comfortable, safe and easy to use for your lovely wife considering that it brews really hot coffee. Being easy to use, you will never hear from your wife that she has spilled any coffee. The press is strong and long lasting, no matter how many times you drop it, it won’t break, but your floor will have to be looked out for!

Features Description
Capacity 1 litre vacuum-layered brewer
Hotness duration More than 60 minutes
Durability Made from stainless steel, rust proof and durable
Other Gutter press for easy pouring
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7. Rose scented candles

rose scented candles

With a stylish glass design, these scented candles will not only fill the air with flowery aromas, but it will also compliment the surrounding to make a great aesthetic beauty. It had a design that goes well with almost any décor. The floral fragrance is brewed from an array of fragrances that include Rose de Mai, smoky oud and hints of incense. With a burn time of over 50 hours, your wife will enjoy the great scents every time she meditates or takes a bath and will greatly cherish this anniversary gift. The relaxing scent that it produces still lingers in the air for a while even after she blows it off. The scented candle is very versatile and could also be used as part of your anniversary dinner set to give a romantic feel to it. The quality of the scent is only compared with that of affluent perfumes and this will really make your anniversary memorable. The candle burns so gracefully slow and subtle without leaving any smoky residues. Your wife will definitely appreciate such a wonderful gift.

Features Description
Burn time 50 to 60 hrs
Size 230g, 8.1Oz
Fragrance notes Smoky oud and Rose de Mai with some touch of patchouli and black leather to create a floral, sultry fragrance
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8. Sheepskin throw

sheepskin throw

Protect your wife from the cold by getting her this sheepskin throw as a gift for your anniversary. Especially if she loves to read on hard surfaced couches or watch the television while sitting on the hard ground. The sheepskin throw will offer maximum cushion for her and even prevent sores of her body from sitting on hard surfaces. The luxurious and stylish design adds a lot of beauty to the room where it is being used. It is very versatile as can be used over any sofa, chair, bed, lounge, floor and could even be used in a car. The throws are made from real sheepskin making it real natural cushion. Don’t worry, they have been thoroughly washed clean in the most eco-friendly way. The throw is very soft and works best as a chair or bench cushion, car seat or floor covering for relaxing. Make your wife's comfort your number one thing this anniversary!

Features Description
Material 100% and genuine sheepskin from long haired sheeps of Iceland
Size 24" x 36"
Texture Ultra-soft fur
Purposes For the seats, floor, bed, lounges, etc
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9. Stylish sleeping mask and earplug

Stylish sleeping mask

Not only are these sleeping masks pretty and stylish, they also are very comfortable around the eyes and will not leave any markings on your wife. Choose the style of sleeping mask that would fit her according to her personality. The sleeping mask is made from double sided silk for maximum comfort. It also has hand sewn intricate details that make it look really elegant. The sleeping masks also come with a set of earplugs giving her maximum sleeping comfort. The noise blocking earplugs are efficient and have satin tassels attached to them to give more style and beauty. A well-rested wife is a loving, productive wife! Especially if you live in a loud house with children or if the neighbors are always partying. Your wife will be sleeping in a stylish way in this attractive handmade sleeping mask. With also the earplugs being skillfully handmade, the whole set has a human touch to it. The whole set comes in a beautiful gift packaging upon request.

Features Description
Colors Lavender dream, dusty rose, midnight black, moonlight silver, pale moss, turquoise
Material Soft silk eye mask and satin tassel ear plug set
Design Handmade to perfection
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10. Bar cart

bar cart

Is your wife a wine lover? Instead of just getting her one wine bottle, what about getting her a whole bar cart full of her favorite wine bottles. Be a darling and be her butler and barista for the night, but what is better is that she will have the bar cart for the rest of her life. The Nathan James 4500 Carter, being a 2 tier utility bar cart, comes with lots of space holding up to ten bottles and glasses of any size. Very strong frame with sturdy wheels that are lockable when no movement is required. Even if she isn’t a wine person, this cart could be used to serve her favorite tea, coffee or any drink she likes. She could even use it sometimes to hold her plates I the kitchen or serve her chilling wine while she takes a warm bath. Besides being strong and sturdy, the cart’s dark wood color brings a lot of beauty to the room. The durable material will also tolerate any liquid spill on its surface.

Features Description
Capacity 2 tier utility cart
Mobility Real deal wheels from sturdy industrial metals for smooth mobility
Use Multi-purpose, for coffee, wine, and all kinds of drinks or food
Portability Easy to assemble and deassemble
Durability and strength Built using high grade durable materials, the top shelf is made from glass while the bottom shelf is made from MDF wood, which can both withstand upto 55lbs or ten bottles
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11. Portable Spa Bubble Bath Massager

bubble bath massager

This Portable Spa Bubble Bath Massager is a perfect anniversary gift for your wife, especially if your wife comes home every day sore and tired from the day. Its function is to create a Jacuzzi for your lovely wife right there in your home bath tub. It has suction cups that are laid at the bottom of the bathtub and when turned on, it produces strong, massaging and relaxing bubbles for a stress free spa like experience. The relaxing bubble bath also produces warmth that keeps it really refreshing and soothing in the bathtub thereby producing the hot Jacuzzi experience. It also comes with a filter in the air pump that produces the bubbles where you could pour in some scented oil for a refreshing room ambience smelling flowery. This homemade spa will be a daily ritual that your wife will be looking forward to! With just a little soap, the bath produces a million bubbles that last a long while. What a great gift for your wife!

Features Description
Easy to use Just drop it in your bath tub and there you have your jacuzzi
Non slip Has a suction cup at the bottom to keep it at the bottom of the bathtub
Material Non abrasive to avoid scratching the user or the bathtub
Protection 100% waterproof
Control Has a remote with simple button controls, to control bubble intensity
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12. Multi cooker


A way to touch your wife’s heart is to get he an appliance that will make her work easier in the kitchen. Do away with the need to use many pots and pans by getting her this one appliance many uses slow cooker. This crock-pot will save your household a lot of energy by making meals for up to 10 people with low temperatures in good time. This stainless steel crockpot serves not only as a slow cooker but also as a versatile multi-cooker that can sauté, bake, cook, simmer, keep warm and slow cook all under one appliance. The ergonomics are just perfect with non-stick surface, well insulated sturdy handles and easy to wash stainless steel. This Crock-Pot could also get to higher temperatures than other slow cookers used especially in baking and sautéing. The seller has remarkable customer service and also provides a detailed manual to help you and your wife decipher how to use this amazing cooker. Surprise your wife this anniversary with this cooking appliance!

Features Description
Multi-cooker Cook all your food in one pote
Capacity Six quart capacity, approximately 6 litres, for 7 people of more
Modes Keep warm, bake, slow cook, brown or sauté
Integrated cord wrap at the bottom To make wires unsightly for neater kitchen and prevent accidents
Non stick removable pot For easy cleaning
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13. Milk frother

milk frother

What’s better than coffee? When you get to mix it with milk froth to make cappuccino, café late, iced drinks! Tell your wife to bid goodbye to just normal coffee and normal milk by getting her this milk frother that will upgrade her joy in beverages. The milk frother is very simple to use and with just the press of two simple buttons, your wife will have milk foam in less than a minute. Your wife will use this to brew the drink of her choice. It does this so quietly she will not notice a thing! The milk frother also comes with a free cleaning brush that, makes it so easy to wipe out any stains. This is even made easier with the non-stick surface. No need to buy an espresso machine, this milk frother will accomplish all your wife’s beverage dreams. So make her anniversary by getting her this magnificent gift.

Features Description
Capacity Heating 10.2 oz / 300 ml, Frothing 5.1 oz / 150 ml
Functions Milk froathing, milk steaming with Hot or Cold functionality, foam making for Coffee, Cappuccino and Macchiato
Material Stainless steel, durable, safe
Non stick interior For easy cleaning
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14. Platinum rose

platinum rose

How do you make your love eternal? As you get older, it gets increasingly hard to get a gift that shows your forever love for her. But the eternity rose does it for you. Get her a lovely rose and then coat it with platinum and it will always remind her of you! This is better than purchasing a flower that dies off after a few days. The platinum preserves it and keeps it shiny forever! If your wife doesn’t like platinum, there are also other shades of coating you could get. These shades include silver and even gold (24K gold and also rose gold). The rose is craftily made to birth a quality rose that is worth every penny you spend on it. The end product is not just some simple, flimsy flowery sculpture, it is a strong and sturdy metal that stands up strong forever. Just the best gift to give your wife this anniversary.

Features Description
Material Platinum plated, sleek, stylish and durable. Silver, 24K Gold and Rose Gold also available
Other accessories Gift box and gift card
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15. Antique jewellery box

antique jewellery box

A lady values her jewelry more than many things in life. So this anniversary get your wife a protective casing where she will keep all her valuables. This antique comes with lots of spaces to keep your wife's earrings, rings, necklaces, ear studs, brooches, hairpins, cufflinks and even bracelets. This box could even be personalized to have her name or even her favorite color to make her fall in love with it even more. The antique brings with it a princess feel and greatly improves the aesthetic value of the table and the room where it will be kept. What is even better is that after she fills it up with her jewelry it will look even more than angelic. The box is made of quality wood that makes it look very elegant. With a solid build and voluminous occupancy, it will really change the look of her room. The box is very durable and definitely one day your wife may hand it down to your daughter or someone special.

Features Description
Storage points Has 3 storage locations, 2 at the front face and 1 at the top
Other accessories Mirror
Design Antique design, polished wood
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16. Designer leather bag

designer leather bag

Add this gift to your wife's classy clothing if your wife is a bag lover. When she opens the bag, the smell of real authentic leather will hit her and she will love it. This real quality leather bag is craftily hand designed and hand made by very talented and experienced tailors therefore also bring a human touch with it. With top level strong cow leather, the handbag is creatively cut and a durable lining is used to hold it together. The inside is spacious enough to hold both large and small commodities. From her IDs, phone, chargers, receipts, a 13’’ laptop, A4 files, wallet, iPad, umbrella, to a myriad of cosmetics. In short, it has very convenient pockets. Although it looks big it will be light on your wife’s hands and at the same time showing her class and style. Surprise your wife this anniversary with this elegant gift and add to her class and style!

Features Description
Material Genuine leather, durable and satiny lining
Pockets Two main compartment pockets, 1 iPhone 6s sized pocket, one divider zipper pocket, and one ID card slot.
Strap Long shoulder strap, adjustable and removable
Size (L) 14.17" x (H) 10.63" x (W) 5.1"
Zipper Strong with metal rivet stopper
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17. Digital photo frame

digital photo frame

How do we capture memories and sustain them in our marriages? By taking photos and keeping them safe. The future of photo framing is here! Get your wife the digital photo frame that not only shows crystal clear photographs, but also HD quality videos from where it is positioned. You could capture all the special moments of your marriage and save them in the NIX Advanced Digital Photo Frame and it will forever remind her of your love. Imagine 10in*10in screen showing all the great moments you’ve spent with your wife in a slideshow motion smirk in the middle of your living room! The digital photo frame recognizes portrait orientation and adjusts accordingly. It also has an energy saving mode where it turns itself off when no one is in the room, but when anyone walks in it lights itself up. The frame does not just show photos, it is also versatile enough to show the calendar and clock!

Features Description
Crystal clear display 1280 x 800 pixel IPS display
Size 10"X10H
Automatic image display Has a sensor to turn on image when you enter the room, saves energy
Plug and play Simple to use
Other features Stereo speakers, SD Card slot, Calender
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18. Marriage sculpture

marriage sculpture

What better way to show your love to your wife by getting her this marriage sculpture? The male human hand is ringing the female hand, thus signifying the great strides you have both made in making your marriage work. The beautiful sculpture is made from molded resin that a silver finish (hence shines bright like a diamond). Your wife will definitely love because the sculpture will not only remind her of your great love, but it will also add to the aesthetic beauty of any room it is kept in. Its brightness is complimented by the cherry finished wood base that adds an exotic nature like feeling to it. The front of the cherry wood base could also be engraved with your initials to make it more personalized. The elegant sculpture has a considerable weight, and is strong and sturdy, hence has low chances of getting damaged. What an elegant and stylish anniversary present!

Features Description
Material Molded resin, silver finish
Base Cherry finished base
Size 9.25" H x 3.25" W x 8.3" L
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19. Teddy bear

teddy bear

There is nothing that gets ladies more excited than a giant teddy bear. Surprise your wife this anniversary by getting her this big cute looking teddy bear. With its sweet and neutral facial expression, the bear will definitely appeal to your wife and won’t just look like it is those teddy bear only for children. It will always remind her of you will always keep her company when you are not around. This teddy bear also serves as a magnificent way of taking care of a room’s beauty. This supersized bear is very soft and therefore qualifies to be a cuddle mate for your wife. It could also be used as a pillow or a cushion to relax on. The bear has a really pretty ribbon that is tied to its neck to give it a more feminine feeling attracting your wife even more. Apart from being very soft and huggable, the teddy bear can be able to sit, lie, be hugged and even be given kisses without complaining.

Features Description
Size 32", huggable
Material Soft, plush
Design Unique, with ribbon
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20. Natural gemstone pedant

natural gemstone pedant

A silver necklace with a natural handpicked gem stone make up this superb gift. No special occasion passes by without ladies dressing up in elegant necklaces. This is one that combines both the aesthetic value of shining silver and also the beautiful shine of the gemstone to make her look even more classy in an occasion. Gemstones are carefully picked and have to satisfy these qualifications in order to please the eye; good lustre, good quality, color and strength. The gift has two interchangeable chains that are very fashionable and could be worn separately. The pendant comes in a very elegant packaging box that doubles up to also be the gift box that you present your wife with. Your wife will probably be wearing it everyday and will receive a lot of praises for her elegant necklace. Fill her life with joy by getting her this valuable pendant and she will never forget this anniversary.

Features Description
Design Elaborate, noble, twinkling
Metal chain 925 sterling silver, durable, scratch resitant
Ocassions Business, Casual
Fine natural gemstone Handpicked and embellished with synthetic cubic zirconia
Color Gold, Sky Blue Pedant
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