Wedding anniversary gift ideas for your husband

1. Gold and silver plated Cufflinks

Gold and silver plated Cufflinks

These are the finest pieces of jewelry you could get your man - a high quality product that look like a million dollars but cost much less. They will not only make him look professional in his chic looking suit, but also make him appear very classy as the cufflinks are 18K gold plated. They have a luxurious feel to it having been gold plated on the front face, platinum plated on its sides and a final smooth finish of polishing to make it shine. Their Filigree floral design with an engraved Celtic cross makes them even more beautiful. You are now sure they are not just your normal cufflinks with only one dull color almost going unnoticeable. They will compliment any bright or dark color of your husband’s outfit and are a perfect anniversary present, especially if he dresses up a lot. Raise your husband’s dressing game by getting him these for his anniversary!

Features Description
Color Gold, Silver
Design Floral
Shape Circular
Ocassion Business casual
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2. Personalized docking stand

Personalized docking stand

Organize your husbands working station by getting him this high quality wooden personalized docking stand as a gift on his wedding anniversary. This amazing stand will hold all your husband’s phones, watches, pencil, pens, glasses, wedding ring, necklaces and even wallets in a really organized way that creates aesthetic value of his table. You can choose from an array of six different colors according to your husband’s taste. The stand has enough space to hold any type of smart-phone and a port through which he can charge the phone. You also get to choose the design of the logo that will appear on the docking stand from an exquisite pool of creative designs. Then your husband’s initials or nickname will also be engraved on it with a sweet message from you that he will remember forever. The docking stand is large enough to be noticed on his working table and being crafted by skilled workmen, it will appeal to many people’s eyes. Surprise him this anniversary with this wonderful present!

Features Description
Color Natural, Espresso, Ebony, Golden Pecan, Red Chestnut, Classic Gray
Material Pine
Size LxWxH 9.25" x 7.25" x 5.25"
Finish Satin, Semi-gloss, High gloss
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3. Personalized keychain with bottle opener

Personalized keychain with bottle opener

Men always have many keys on them. Something that will organize all these keys would be a very helpful anniversary present. This key chain does not only organize your husband’s keys in a very efficient manner, but it is also versatile as it comes with a tool that acts as a bottle opener and a flat screw head driver. The ThorKey Swiss Army Keychain can hold up to ten differently sized keys that are arranged in a way that eliminated the annoying dangling keychain sound. You will never find a more versatile keychain that holds all your keys and at the same time has handy tools for use anytime! The keychain is made from vegetable leather, thus will last a lifetime and also protects our nature. The very creative design enables it to fit perfectly into your pocket and at the same time eliminates the risk of piercing holes in any pockets. Get your hubby this amazing keyholder this year’s anniversary!

Features Description
Material Vegetable tanned leather
Design Compact, smart
Capacity 10 different types of keys and or tools
Security Secure locking mechanism keeps the keys in fixed position
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4. Wood print of photo

Wood print of photo

One of the many ways to remember a great occasion is by getting a picture of it. To remind you husband how much you love him, you could get him a photo of a very special moment that you two shared. The new unique and creative thing about this gift is that you would customize the photo in natural rich wood and gift him to put it in your husband’s office! This unique piece of art of you two will catch the eyes of many, increase the aesthetic beauty of the room they are placed it and also warm your husband’s heart every time he sees it. The photo of your choice is printed on a handcrafted wooden surface that comes in many different shapes, sizes, colors and designs. This photo comes out very crisp and clear! You can make it as personalized as you want it to be according to your husband’s taste.

Features Description
Size 9" x 12"
Material Real wood, with bark
Durability Wood is furnished with clear protective matte
Accessories Comes with hanging hardware
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5. Engraved wood watch

Engraved wood watch

What is better than a day to day wrist watch that your husband already has? A watch that is made of furnished wood with sweet words engraved on the wood. You get to customize words of your choice on the back of the watch as a message to your husband which he always will read every time he takes it off or wears it. The watch is specially handcrafted on natural wood that has thick red brown color, giving a natural feel to it. Since it is majorly made of wood, the watch is very light and will even go unnoticeable by your husband while he wears it. No harmful chemicals or paint used, just nature on your husband’s hand. The strap is made from pure leather enabling it to last for a very long time. The watch comes in a very beautiful gift box, thus saving you immensely on what to use as a gift box for this present.

Features Description
Dial diameter 2"
Design Unique and casual
Material Wood
Dial thickness 0.39"
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6. Carleen destination leather bracelet

Carleen destination leather bracelet

Many a times you would like to get him a present that shows the love that you have for him and at the same time is heavy with meaning. This bracelet is just that. Not only will it make him look really good in any outfit, but it also carries a deeper meaning. The intention of its design is to encourage your man to go hard and not relent when your husband faces hardships. So whenever he will feel this bracelet brushing against his skin, he will always remember your love for him and have no fear when challenges come. Made from high quality genuine leather with pure silver straps, this bracelet is built to withstand anything! It has a push lock mechanism on its silver straps that are specifically designed to ensure ease of removing and wearing. The mechanism uses a clasp that opens and closes so easily without damaging the bracelet or opening it. It is built to last a lifetime!

Features Description
Size 8.3" long
Material High quality leather with 925 sterling silver
Locking mechanism Push button clasp
Ocassion Casual
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7. Earth globe wine decanter

Earth globe wine decanter

The earth’s globe greatly compliments a working station and makes it look professional. What if this globe serves two purposes? A great anniversary present would be a wine globe decanter with an antique ship in the inside! Your husband’s favorite wine will be chilled as his work station will be having great aesthetic beauty from the globe. There is an etched world map on its sides and together with the sank ship the globe provides a very beautiful environment to look at. The globe is made even classier by its polished wooden stand. It has an 850mL capacity and is specifically designed to be a funnel pour to hinder any form of spillage. The wine globe is specially wrapped in protective gift box to ensure it is safe and sound till it arrives during shipping. This is such a cool piece that your husband won’t stop talking about it. There is only one way to surprise your husband this anniversary; by getting him this amazing present!

Features Description
Design Earth globe with tilted axis
Capacity 850ml
Build Hand build by skilled artisans
Drinks scotch, rum, bourbon, tequila, vodka or brandy
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8. Engraved hammer

Engraved hammer

Build your marriage together with him not only by loving and celebrating him, but by also getting him a hammer (you get it? A hammer – a construction tool) as an anniversary present! This is a great present to a husband who loves his tools and is always out there hammering nails and mending stuff. What is more special about this hammer is that you get the opportunity to personalize it to his character and also engrave a lovely message to him. What’s better than a hammer that keeps reminding you of your wife’s love as you use it? The text on the wood is laser printed so the result is top quality dark writings that are very easy to read even from far away. Every other man will envy your husband for having such an amazing present from his wife. Not only will it be a piece of art, but it will also be a fully efficient functional hammer that he can use anywhere. However, because of the sweet words, he will mostly want to hang out with it rather than even use it just to show it off.

Features Description
Head material Heavy stainless steel
Handle material Hardwood
Design Ergonomic
Style Engraved with love message
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9. Custom engraved wallet

Custom engraved wallet

A man is known by his wallet. This a great anniversary present when it explicitly speaks of your love. How will a wallet speak of your love for him? This is if you get to engrave loving words that remind him why you chose him on the wallet. Whenever your husband opens his wallet to do anything with it, which is a lot of times, he will always be met with loving words from you. And you wonder what will keep your marriage to last even longer! The engraving includes 3 words on the front which could be his name and a maximum of 160 characters on the inside flap that betray your love for him. The wallet is made from pure cow leather making it long lasting and look really amazing with engravings on it. With eight card slots, a zipped coin pouch, a clear ID sleeve, two roomy pockets for notes and a zipped sleeve for notes, this wallet boasts of space and compactness. Get your hubby such an amazing gift!

Features Description
Engraving Custom laser engraving (160 characters inside,3 initials on the outside)
Material Pure soft finish split cow leather
Design Bifold
Accessories clear ID sleeve, 8 credit card slots, a zipped coin pouch, two pockets for bills, and a zipped bill sleeve
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10. Leather gloves

Leather gloves

Do you want him to look very much professional even in the cold weather? These leather gloves compliment your husband’s professional suit greatly and at the same time protect him from a weather of temperatures below zero degrees. Because of their great design and rich colour (whichever you pick) they are so beautiful and will make him even more handsome. They are made by very skilled artisans using the best and highest quality leather that make it only get better with age. They also have a really soft lining that are comfortable to the hands and have a massaging feel to it whenever they are in use. With the nanotechnology that they have, your husband will be able to use his phone while wearing these gloves! He won’t have to take them off when your husband needs to use his phone because the screen of any smartphone responds to the touch of these gloves. Not only smart phones, but also the use of steering wheels or any other handles is very easy and comfortable in these gloves.

Features Description
Material Genuine soft leather
Durability Touch stitching
Touch screen sensitivy As good as with no gloves
Ocassion Business casual
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11. Bose sound wireless earphones

Bose sound wireless earphones

Warm your husband’s heart for your anniversary by getting him these wireless quality earphones to listen to his favourite music. These wireless earphones are very convenient through all his hustle and bustles. If your husband wants to jog, workout, drive or do some handy work while he listens to his good music, these earphones you will get him to come to the rescue and give him some good quality music time. This is because of its wireless convenience with its use of Bluetooth connection with his phone. The noise cancelling of the headphones is amazing and just adds to the quality of the sound. With over 6 hours battery life per charge, the wireless headphones also come with an app that is a rate monitor. It is also designed specifically for comfort in your ear and ability to stick in the ear for convenience during activities. Guess what! It is also sweat, water and any weather resistant so is the most suitable gadget for outdoors.

Features Description
Color Aqua, Black, Power red, Citric
Technology Wireless - Bluetooth, NFC
Battery life 6 hours
Other features Heartrate monitor
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12. Bluetooth iPad keyboard case

Bluetooth iPad keyboard case

This is a physical connection device to your husband’s purely touch iPad or tablet. It protects the iPad from any mechanical damage, has slots for the camera and has the external Bluetooth keyboard that is controls the iPad. With a 360-degree turning, the keyboard case makes it very convenient to use the iPad for whatever work your husband will want to do. This makes it act like a laptop which is very comfortable and convenient to use. The bottom upper surface of the keyboard is hard and sturdy thus providing a comfortable enough surface for efficient typing. On the lower side of the keyboard, it has grippers that make it stick to whatever surface it is placed on. The Bluetooth connection is very strong, making the keyboard very responsive. There are no lags or delays when typing. The keyboard comes with background colours that make it fun and interesting to use. Make your husband’s work easier this anniversary by getting him this iPad case.

Features Description
Compatibility iPad 2017 5th Gen (model A1822/ A1823), iPad 2018 6th Gen (model A1893/ A1954), and iPad Air 1 (model A1474/ A1475/ A1476).
Battery life auto sleep/wake conserves battery life
Tilt upto 127 degrees
Modes Laptop mode, Tent mode, Tablet mode and Stand mode
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13. Cosy Loungewear

Cosy Loungewear

Make your husband’s stay at home when he is relaxing, very comfortable by getting him a set of cosy pyjamas or loungewear. These have a well-designed lining made of cotton and polyester in their inside that are very soft and light on the skin proving to be more than comfortable. I am sure your husband enjoys fitting loungewear just like any other human being and this is taken care of by this loungewear. The adjustable elastic waistband ensures that fitting isn’t a problem hindering your husband from getting comfy. They are perfect for sleeping not only because they are comfy and fitting, but also because they are very lightweight on him. They double up as pyjamas and also as relaxing home wear which your husband could put on when he wants to do nothing all day. You get to choose from an array of different colours depending on your husband’s favourite. The pyjamas also come in all sizes so be sure your husband is well represented.

Features Description
Material 60% cotton, 40% polyester
Fit Adjustable to fit waist
Design Lightweight, soft, easy to wash
Colors Grey, Black
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14. Instant memory maker

Instant memory maker

This is a great gift that will not only make him happy but also you too! Every memorable moment that is taken by your phone or tablet has the ability to be preserved forever by this instant memory maker. The Kodak Mini 2 has reliable printing technology that even comes with an app that allows you to edit a photo before it is printed. The app allows for change in the photo exposure and the photos taken in low lighting are printed darker while photos taken in good lighting probably outdoors are printed less darkly and they closely represent the original photos. The photos of your memorable moments come out clearly and are of high quality. The printer is also very easy to use and is accompanied with a manual that explain how to efficiently use it. You and your husband won’t have to be connecting your phones on the printer all the time, you also could just send it to be printed by the memory maker via Bluetooth when you are far away!

Features Description
Photo size 2.1" x 3.4"
Connectivity Bluetooth, NFC
Technology Easy print
Companion app Available for iOS and Android for filters, Cropping, stickers, card Templates, ID photo print
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15. Modern record player

Modern record player

Does he like the 90’s stuff or any vintage equipment? This is great present if your husband is a lover of music and also if he loves stuff with a ‘take me back’ feel to them. This modern record player has a glossy piano finish making it look sparkling and considering it is a large vintage component, it will greatly add to the aesthetic of any room your husband keeps it in. you get to also choose from an array of colours that suit your husband it is composed of two sound speakers and a 3-speed belt driven turntable. Your husband has the opportunity to listen to music through two different ways; the turntable plays all your husband’s vinyl records and also through Bluetooth he could connect his phone and be able to play music! The speakers are loud enough for your husband to enjoy his music. The turntable stops spinning automatically once the music is done. What great gift!

Features Description
Turntable  3-speed belt driven Turntable (33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM)
Speaker connectivity Wireless - Bluetooth
Speaker power 50W
Sound quality Belt drive ensures noiseless movement
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16. Travel bagpack

Trave bagpack

Men always love the bags they carry. They kind of represent who they are. So, if you get him a good backpack you will have made your husband’s anniversary great! This travel backpack is very spacious and also has three different packing cubes, a small, medium and large that fit into the main compartment for more space. You could pack his whole wardrobe in it with all these compartments, but still the bag would be comfortable and fit in the overhead of an airplane. This provides the substitution to rolling a suitcase enabling your husband to tour around any city he has travelled to without any stress from his luggage. It is very comfortable with soft and light material, but at the same time sturdy. The bag is creatively designed and has a really cool look when your hubby will wear it. Your husband could also be able to adjust the heights of the straps based on his height and needs.

Features Description
Package One backpack, one packing cubes (small, medium, large) set 
Capacity 40 litre (20.1" x 13.4" x 9.8")
Buckle straps Multiple exterior compression straps which are adjustible depending on your height
Design Fits maximum allowed by IATA flight (fits overhead compartment)
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17. Trusty drill kit

Trusty drill kit

This is basically a man’s make-up. Not to use on his face, but to repair and make things in the house, making him feel good about himself. This is a cheap but quality set that will help him perform any drilling duty that is in the house. The drill can be used wirelessly and only charged once a while. Its lithium batteries last up to 18 months, so there won’t be a need to disrupt his work to charge it over and over again. Get him this as a present and he will be able to assemble anything in the house very efficiently. It comes with a spacious bag where he could be able to store everything in the kit in one place, thus ensuring they won’t get lost so easily. It has a strong mortar that doesn’t require torque settings hence capable of completing various jobs in the house. This is an interesting and amazing gift to get your husband for anniversary!

Features Description
Power 3.6V screwdriver
Battery life 18 months on standby
Accessories 39 handtools and accessories
Packaging Ergonomic carrying bag
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18. Mens Slip On

Mens Slip On

The Rose Dove Men Knit Collar slippers are a warm and comfortable replacement to normal hard slippers. They are very light, semi-fluffy, comfortable and warm therefore your hubby will be eager to take his shoes off and wear them whenever he gets home. Their cotton like material make them very comfortable and pleasurable to walk around in. Not forgetting that they are also very cute and whichever design and colour you choose for your husband he will look chic in them. They also have strong enough soles to take a good walk outside, but are majorly designed to be used indoors. These soles however, are at the same time soft enough not to create any dents in your leather carpets. They are great for the cold weather by being warm. Not too warm that the feet get sweaty, just enough comfy warmth. They are also easily washable through the washing machine. What a comfy present!

Features Description
Material Wool blend, plush cotton upper and soft fleece lining
Use For indoor and backyard walks
Sole Soft rubber
Colors Coffee, Dark Grey, Navy Blue
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19. Foldable chair

Foldable chair

Get him this folding chair on this year’s anniversary and continue being his favourite person on the earth! Every man takes that time off to go and relax and the folding chair is a great tool for relaxation. This chair’s material feels nice to the skin and makes the time spent on it very comfortable. It is very light and portable and when he gets wants to use it, he just unfolds it, gives the seat a downward push and wallah, he has a relaxing chair. Made from strong nylon material, the foldable chair proves to be strong and sturdy and the same time very light. It could hold weights of above 250 pounds without even complaining. It also has a cup holder built into its armrest so your hubby could be sipping his cold drink while staring at the sunset all because of you! The chair not only holds heavy weight, it is nice and wide therefore also accommodates any size and height.

Features Description
Material Polyester, soft, easy to clean, durable
Design No sag comfort seat
Color Dual color, blue and grey
Accessories Mesh cup holder
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20. Smart charging station

Smart charging station

This charging station will organize your husband’s smart phone charging technique by charging everything from one place. This is a great anniversary present to help him organize his desk while your husband works. It not only organizes the charging area by having stand separators, but it also creates a beautiful device environment. The charging wires that come with it or on the station’s back side, hence adding to the neatness. No more long, messy and dangerous cables snaking around your sockets. The platform on which the devices are placed is a no slip rubber surface that holds them safely. It accommodates all devices from your smallest phone to your biggest tablet. It also lights up to show the status of charging of the device and turns off when the charge is full. With different voltage options and an in-built safety system the charging station will ensure the devices do not overcharge or heat up.

Features Description
Design Avoid cluttered cables, organize devices when charging
Capacity 4 fast charge USB ports for 4 devices
Compatibility All androids and iOS devices
Protection Rubbery base to hold devices in position
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