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Gift Giving as an Art

Gift giving is an art. The size of the gift does not matter, neither does the price of the gift. It is the amount of thought, creativity and how much we understand about the giftee that matters. Remember Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec: the history of the world? I want to point to the gift that Leslie Knope gave to Ben, it was a life sized replica of the Games of Thrones Chair. When Ben saw the gift he was in transport of delight, he could help being elated. Leslie was creative and thoughtful. Her gift to Ben had a deep meaning and was priceless. However, the art of gift giving does not always mean giving 'big' gifts or 'expensive' gifts. The art of gift giving is more about having the right gift ideas and packaging it in a special way.

The single most important point that we must consider when thinking of the gifts to give our spouses, siblings, parents and colleagues is their tastes and preferences. We never want to give them gifts that the giftee will not appreciate. Therefore, as part of the thought process, we must ask ourselves the following questions:

  1. What is the giftee's hobby?
  2. Where do they spend most of their time?
  3. What is your relationship with the giftee?
  4. What is the occassion?
If you are able to answer the 3 questions, then you can get them the right gifts. Not sure where to get answers to the 3 questions? Well, the greatest mistake to let them know that you want to get them a gift. A gift should come as a surprise always, therefore, do your homework wisely, 'stalk' them on social media posts, have a casual chat with them and ask the questions in an indirect way or ask their friends. If you can get a gift that is in line with their hobbies, for example, if they like to skate, get them new skating shoes, if they like to ride a bikes, get them a new bike, if they like to party, get them new party shoes, if they like music, get them some earphones or headphones or a music player. That's easy right? Well, sometimes you may want your gift to match the occassion, so if its valentines day, what is the perfect gift? It doesn't have to eat your brain thinking about it, best gifts are always simple gifts. You can buy them any gift, you only need to customize it to the occassion, it could be as simple as buying a red or pink colored gift or engraving the gift with love.

Here are some unique gift ideas

No gift is the same, depending on how you present, package and personalize it. The only way to get the best gifts for them, is by understanding their hobbies, likes, dislikes and unique characteristics

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